Loot tiers on escaped titan seems off- Tier 1 for D score?

This seems a bit odd.
Our titan escaped and there is a huge gap in loot tiers between score A and score D

Add: we did have great fun letting anyone in who wanted to try a 14*. :+1::+1:
We got up to 80 people hitting it. We really enjoyed your enthusiasm. Thank you all.

Looks like merc nerf to me.

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Any C or D on an escape is a double fail.


A+: does not exist on an escaped titan
A: (T-L + 2) / 2, rounded up
B: (T-L + 1) / 2, rounded up
C: Loot Tier 1
D: Loot Tier 1


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It wasn’t due to the merc nerf. I stayed home on the pass and recieved tier 1 loot as well.

Yep, my bad! Somehow totally missed this was an escapee. :pensive:

I don’t understand how same 14* titan I can put up 330k damage and kill it and also do 80k damage, let it escape and get better loot on the escaped titan. I put tons of items and 2 flasks in on the one we took down and felt cheated. Same amount of gems on both tiers as well. These super titans are a joke

Thanks 2spookd, that explains it.

This is a part of the game that I think the devs could really work on. There are some “things” in this game that are obviously much harder to accomplish or take much more time to do and it feels that we should be rewarded more for these “things”.

Some improvements like battle items for titan loot tiers 14 and above should be at least 3* items. Titan chests should have some improvement in the quality cause they take 5-7 days to fill up. Gem rewards for titan loot tiers should be reworked.

When you are able to get better loot from the world map compared to your A+ on a high star titan, it leaves a bad taste on the mouth.

It’s not like an extra timestop or extra 5 gems a couple of times in a week is gonna ruin game balance.


We let our 9* escape today and I was an A hitter but received Loot V. Shouldn‘t it be VI? Did they change something or am I missing something? Maybe it‘s rounded down not up?

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this is what happened when we let ours escape. sturdy shield n world flask. rly once in a blue moon.