Loot Tier X


Is there any difference in probability of non-farmable items between loot tiers? Or is just more rolls? I was under the impression that fighting higher Titans and getting higher tiers would increase my chances because the probability was greater but it’s not the case?


I believe there is a higher probability yeah, but it is still random.

I think after loot tier 8 or so (can’t remember by heart, but its in the titan tier breakdown thread) you get 3 ascension material rolls. I’ve hit tier 12 and 13 (highest in game atm) while getting very similar loot as your screenshots - sadly it’s still random.

That said, I’m getting more ascension materials on average from killing 10* items than I did when I was killing 7* titans etc.


Probability is greater due to the fact t that you have more rolls. There is no increase in probability per roll


Thanks guys I figured just wanted to let out some steam…


From my experience i’m under the impression that for 3* ascension items (like sturdy shields, orbs, trap tools and so on…) you get better stuff if you get a good score.
So basically, if you compare a rank C on a 8* and a rank A+ on a 5* titan, most likely you get better stuff on the 5* titan. But maybe this is valid only with C ranking.
C is really the worst, B is another story and not so bad, so i’m not sure.

What provides to you higher titans for sure, are 4* ascension items.
Leave aside C ranking, B rank on a 8* or more are really something else.


As stated before, higher titans provide higher loot tiers which give chances for more ascension rolls. That is it. Nice and simple.
I should add this is just for ascension items as higher loot tiers do have more resources dropped


You sure? Comparing main vs. alt’s alliances (10 vs 7-8*'s) the players in the main’s group appear to get a higher frequency of good stuff.

Certainly my Main typically in loot tier 12 vs. the alt in loot tier 9-10: same roll counts, rather confident that increased odds do happen at higher levels as it’s a cold day in hell to pull a rare 3* off a loot tier I even though you do get a loot drop, and it’s insanely rare to the pics or it didn’t happen rare to pull a 4* ascension item in loot tier V, way less than in the higher ones.

Though still too low there too but I digress :slight_smile:


As Talisax wrote, you get more rolls after beating a stronger titan. So of course the members of the main alliance that beat a 10* titan get the good stuff in a higher frequency, as they have more chances to get those materials. That also counts if the chances per roll are not increased. It’s like playing lotto - if you place more tips, the chances for winning something increase.


So the breakpoint is between VIII and IX and anyone with tier IX and up has the same chance?


Here’s a tidbit from the official Quick Help and FAQ

No mention about increased chance on higher level titans, though I thought I’d read that at some point. Maybe it was just in the ideas/wishes category though!


Loot tier 9 and above all have 3 rolls, and in my anecdotal experience it’s greater than 1.5x which would be the case if we were just talking loot roll ratios between 8 and 12.

If you really want make a silly alt and just whack 1* titans and compare the loot, or do it on beta… it’ll be a long time before you get any 3* ascension item I’d be willing to bet, vastly more than the ratio of rolls would likely have. Odds are even with a 1000 1* kills you still won’t get a 4* ascension item would be my guess.

Both from various forum statements and people’s experiences in game, loot tier increase does increase chances of higher quality drops, and additional rolls as you state do increase it too.


Does everyone report what they get? Only way to be sure


I’ve gotten 4* ascension items from very low tiers. At least as low as V


I have to say that I doubt this to be true. I am nearly always the top hitter against titans and literally never less than second. We are going against 8 to 10 star titans. I routinely get blanked on higher end loot.


What would be the alternative theory?

A+/A/B/C rating doesnt matter?
Only loot tiers matter?
A+ always get shafted so others can grow?

Personally I choose to trust SGG and chalk it up to randomness.


It’s been my experience and again probably pure coincidence that A+ gives me less unfarmable ascension items than say B. I’ve heard the discussion here before about that not being true and don’t hold back to get the B grade but in my experience i get ascension items I need more often from B grade. Again this is just my experience not saying that it’s true for everyone


What made sense to me was:

  1. A+ gets 1 chance
  2. A gets 5* chances
  3. B gets 10 chances
  4. C gets the rest

So B gets 10x the chances of A+? A+ has a chance at much better stuff, but only ONE chance. B gets lower chances, but more of them. So I would expect to see more winners outside the A+ group on a regular basis. A+ isn’t getting shafted, though it might seem that way.

This explained what we were seeing at the alliance level.

*5? 4? Heh


yes exactly. An A/A+ hitter will over the long term get better loot than a B/C hitter. However on a given titan, there’s just more of the B and C players in the group.


But the question remains, are there different odds at different loot tiers for any single ascension item slot?

We all agree that higher loot tiers have more slots for ascension items, and so the odds of getting a rare item is better because of more rolls. But there’s also a lookup table in the code that translates a random number (the roll) into loot. Is there one lookup table for all tiers, or different tables for each tier?

If I were coding this (and I was a MMORPG dev for many years), I would break this assignment into two steps. First, a roll for the item’s * level, then choose an item within that * level. Then I would adjust the odds of the first roll by loot Tier, but use the same tables for the second step across all tiers.

For example: odds of rolling a 4* item in a given loot slot might equal the tier #, I.e. 1% at Loot Tier I, 5% at Loot Tier V, 12% at Loot Tier XII. If the player rolls a 4* item, then there might be equal odds of pulling any of the seven 4* items.

We would need a LOT of data to figure this out.


Find me a single person that has gotten a 4* ascension item from loot tier 1; heck find me anyone that has gotten a 3* rare ascension item from loot tier 1… I’m not sure anything above a backpack drops in that slot FWIW.

Beta is probably the right place to test it, but I think it’s effectively guarunteed that there is a difference between loot tiers beyond the roll count, just as the developers have stated.