Loot tier of top 2% for tournaments

If we look at the current tournament loot tier system it has a pattern that makes sense:
25% is twice more challenging than 50%.
10% is x2.5 more than 25%.
5% is twice 10%.

But then suddenly 1% is x5 more challenging than 5%.
I think this leads to situations where a player has already guaranteed top 5% but has no chance to reach top 1% demotivating him from making an effort or spending gems. It is also counter intuitive since one would expect getting better reward if delves very deep into the top 5% even if he didn’t reach the top 1%.

So my suggestion is very simple - add a new loot tier of top 2% for tournaments. I think this is a win-win suggestion as it improves both player satisfaction and SGG income (due to the “spending gems” statement above).

The main problem is that you don’t know how far you are from the next Tier, same as in Events. So personally, I stop trying a lot time ago.

Not much worth getting to the elite 1%. The last raid tourney only gave me hidden blade, 1 ETT and 30 cleric emblems, the rest are trash and a few valhalla coins.

You are pointing at another problem with which I agree.
Anyway, for such a large number of players the distribution of scores can be known in advance, so players experienced and willing to pay attention to this can reliably estimate their distance from the next tier.