Loot tickets

AKA Ultra Lazy auto play. what a gimmick.

Eh. Loot tickets are trash they put in the take up chest loot slots so people get even fewer ascension items that are now being increasingly (and conveniently) sold for gems.

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I wish they would create something like that for wars, or perhaps change the system to have arrows revenge rain on both teams, and the last hero standing gets the points. Then we could just ignore it totally

its infuriating that the devs put this out there as if it were a “reward”. Its certainly not. If it WERE, it wouldnt cost world energy points…GIMMICK

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There’s always your option of just not using them. Let them pile up and ignore they’re even there if you feel that they’re not worthy of your time to use.

I’m letting mine pile up until such time I find a good use for them.

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So far I’ve seen no evidence that the loot tickets are taking up ascension mat drops in any loot chest. In fact, they appear to be extra items when they show up.


I agree. Just cleared a holy chest where I got 2 loot tickets AND a world energy potion. I think they are additional slots rather than replacing something more useful.


I use the loot tickets when my energy is near full and I don’t have time to play. It keeps me from losing the energy that would otherwise be regenerating when I can’t play.


I just found it amusing that the devs offered a package where you purchased (30 of them I think it was??) for a few hundred gems. Seems awfully shady for something that really doesnt benefit you more than “autoplay”…which is already FREE

They fill a completely new slot so don’t replace any other loot. They also let you win levels like 23-11 which would be difficult to complete without items. I agree that they’re not amazing but I’ll never complain about a free bonus.


Oh yeah, I avoided that deal like the plague! Most likely someone somewhere took that deal though…

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I used my loot tickets today. I was 517 xp from leveling and still had 23 world energy to use. So I set 3 loot tickets on 23-11 and leveled that way. Only lost out on 2 WE vs 20 (no wasting energies)


Ooooh, that’s a really good idea!

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Thats really the only way they benefit

I got all the loot from three rounds in one shot
Then leveledup

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23-11 isn’t worth doing more than once.

23-11 gives the most experience per flag of any level and delivers solid loot. I certainly wouldn’t farm it consistently but think it’s one of the best choices for loot tickets.


I have completed Season 1, and are not able to use Loot tickets. How do I make use of it or must I keep keep it for season 2

You should be able to use them. Click map, click a province level, click next, click [Auto Win] bottom left corner, then select how many tickets (remember you’ll need world energy, so higher levels will consume more and max at fewer tickets).

Let me know if you get stuck. :slight_smile:


Got it, Thanks for the swift response

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