Loot tickets to complete new province stages

Currently loot tickets are only usable on province stages that have already been completed. Would be nice if they can be applied to province stages that arent completed. Of course it wont be guaranteed win but instead it’d be the same as doing “auto” fight but happening instantly instead of having to wait around with app open. This gives more value to loot ticket without giving players an advantage.

…and for raids and for titans, for rare quests, events and wars…ah, and release an official bot to shedule everything…

You just have to pay and to have a look every couple of days to see how good you have played…

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Ah you forgot the war! :sweat_smile: Auto play on war attack yes! After all it all depend on random boards so what the difference? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


You do know the auto fight is already a feature on provinces :stuck_out_tongue: just saying loot tickets should make it happen instantly.

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Are you suggesting using a loot ticket for the next stage if you have no world energy ?

Nope, using tickets for uncompleted stages. You know how when you start a new stage there’s an option to auto fight on the top right? It’d be the same as doing that but it’ll all happen instantly. You’ll still need a strong team to put up a fight and energy to complete but it just helps get through the stages that can be easily completed. I was farming for a while and my teams got pretty strong, strong enough that the next few stages I need to do I can easily win through auto fighting but it’ll take time so was suggesting loot tickets to instantly simulate the fight and outcome.

I’m sorry, this is the funniest request I’ve read today. You want to bypass an incompleted map stage with a loot ticket? :confounded:

You only need to complete a stage once, before you can use loot tickets. If you have the teams to beat the stage, why not just clear the stage that way?

There are great rewards for finishing all the map stages, like Atlantis. Are you also suggesting this should be eliminated too?


If you want to buy new stage tickets then just pay me and I’ll clear the stages for you :joy::joy::joy:


The Loot Tickets purpose from the get go was to alleviate the boredom of having to fight or auto-fight in order to farm. Using them to complete unplayed levels would defeat the purpose of a core game mechanic.

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