Loot tickets takes world energy?! :-( ... not a bug- SOLVED

I was just wondering why put something in the game that you can only get by paying for VIP and then it cost world energy, I mean I already payed for it so why does it cost even more time and energy in the game! Just thought it didn’t make sense.

Loot tickets are a convenience item.

Many players will replay levels of the game that they’re easily able to defeat, but have to wait through the animations of the level for ~2-3 minutes before they get the rewards.

Players asked for a long time for a way to be able to bypass the minutes long animations and just get the rewards.

They’re already just fast-forwarding through the battle, so it just saves time not brain power.

The devs responded by creating a feature that fulfills this player request.

They took it a step further and made it a “reward” / IAP feature. So, if you want more info on that feel free to look at other threads hah.

Anyway, that’s why these loot tickets exist. They still cost energy because that’s how they’re intended to be used.

It’s a fair question to ask: if they’re paid and a rare-ish reward, should they even use up energy?

But since this item is supposed to double down as both the devs being good guys who listen to their player base AND make them money, I would bet they stay as is.

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But still Say I’m a newish player and decide to get VIP for all the reason gems/loot tickets/2 builders and double daily summons, why should it take energy if I paid the money for them in the first place! I get what your saying in that aspect, but why make em rare and money based if it still takes your same amount of time, like I said before remedial.

I mean … i think I explained why it is the way it is.

As for why it can’t be the way you suggest - which is quite logical, I took a stab in the dark there but really your guess is as good as mine.

I get what your saying and I respect it but it’s a pay based game I payed already to get em and speed the process up why take my money and my extra time(world energy)

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:smiley: :laughing:

I know rite!!!

They get ya coming and going haha

Laugh about it, cry about it, love it or hate it. It is what it is and I don’t expect them to become reasonable anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah i find them worthless and not exciting at all.

I’m surprised they even wasted the time, energy and resources to create them.


Many F2P MMO limit world energy to control server expenses, since you are billed by the number of servers you run per day, unlike computer games which have unlimited play time.

All F2P MMOs I play, and my wife, that have loot tickets, and they still charge you world energy to use them.

They also have titan tickets and quest tickets. Or Omni tickets that work with story/ titans/ quests. But that is another topic.

Loot ticket actually drop similar to ascension items. Just like the double daily summons and the daily 30g, VIP holders get a free loot ticket in addition to any they earn in game or buy from the shop.


They don’t drop ascension items and kinda makes me think my money isn’t well spent but maybe I’m wrong pay based game I pay to speed up getting loot but still don’t speed it up because it takes your ENERGY which takes time to get back, I appreciate the feed back.

Is the VIP pass more expensive than before? No.
This means that for all those who have already paid the pass it is a bonus for free.
And for those of you who haven’t had it yet… you don’t have to buy it if you’re not satisfied with the “service”.

Yes, I generally don’t think the tickets are very useful/helpful. But to complain about it, although it came without extra costs… well.


I love the game I’m just simply venting and explaining the exact reason it doesn’t make any sense if it’s a pay base game where it’s suppose to save time and get loot but it still does the same exact effect as just playing the mission and pressing the fast forward button! But like I said before ^ maybe it’s just me.

If you played that level it would cost energy.

If you played it and pressed a fast forward button, it would cost energy.

Using a loot ticket bypasses the time (and items) it might take you to complete a level, but the level will cost energy…just as it always has. Because levels cost energy.



I get what your saying but it’s a pay based game I payed for it right so why take energy. It’s not like you get top ascending items from any levels so why take energy. I just think at least improve it by taking half of the reg level energy or something because yes you can earn them but only through the special element chest (I’ve only got 4 in like 5 months), I love the game just suggesting to better it is all, after all I payed for them.

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Actually, it’s a free game. Yes, you can buy gems and use them to accelerate your Game somewhat, but it’s still free.

You have paid for gems, and used those gems where you think best to aid your game.

The F2P has not.

Should all elements of the game thus do what you think they should? Or what the F2P thinks? Both? Either? :wink:

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Ok so you get loot tickets free then show me this I need proof, I was just suggesting a way to better the game, from what I’m seeing most people agree with me and a lot of them think it was a wasted time and effort all together to put them in the game, I however don’t but when you pay to play or get them I just think it should be less energy at the very least. I don’t play all the other games and yes it’s free if you wanna be mediocre. Either way I’ve stated my SUGGESTIONS that’s all they are to help a game I enjoy, have a blessed day!

Suggestions are always great!

And here is a few screenshots of me or others getting tickets free during regular gameplay:


So how often do you just get free loot like that, I want some! I already said elemental chest are super rare I knew and pointed this out let’s keep up with the convo we’re having. SUGGESTIONS and reviews are what makes games become great games if actually taken into consideration.

So I gotta go join a top clan to fight a 10* titan and then them be ok with me doing the least amount of damage to get loot tickets does it make sense or could my suggest to the payed loot tickets make more sense!

To answer your questions, these screenshots were in the last two days. Misfit Toys is somewhere just beneath the Top 100 (sometimes over). We’re “competitive”, fighting 9/10* titans.

Keep in mind, these shots are just three out of 30 players…not everyone gets ascension items daily, but many of us do.

Shameless plug: We have room for 1 permanent and 3 temporary players. You need 3400 team power. Find us on the Alliance Recruitment section if interested. :slight_smile:

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The only real use I have found for loot tickets it to fill a red elemental chest.

It’s handy there since 20-4 is the best place I’ve found for it and is still mildly challenging for me where I don’t use the auto-fight feature.

Otherwise if I have something to do in the real world, but have full world energy it helps to use that energy up quickly.