Loot Tickets Should Always be for Sale as a Regular Shop/Store Item

I’d be quite happy to pay that price, but methinks it would be higher, as most desired things are. :wink:

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Okay…I LOVE LOOT TICKETS. …there…I said it.

Sadly they just don’t come around often enough for me and like so many who have finished all the levels in season 1 & 2 …I must also admit I get teeny weeny bit bored playing the same levels over and over and I don’t always have time to sit and wait for auto play to run through.

So I would like to suggest that a pack of 100 loot tickets be available under resources in the shop so that we teeny weeny bit lazy types can just buy them when ever we need them.


They would also make a fortune on that during Atlantis Rises :rofl:

Please just sell loot tickets in the shop. Bundles of different sizes always available. Watch stonks go up.

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Can we downvote an idea too? Asking for a friend


I sometimes buy loot tickets. Usually a new offer appears before mine are finished.

I can understand it is annoying to want them but not being able to buy them. But if they were permanently available in the shop, I fear the offer’s value was like the usual gem offer… not really attractive.

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I think it is a great idea. Honestly, half the stuff in the actual shop is completely useless and I suspect is only ever bought by new users who wouldn’t know any better.

I would like to see the shop cleaned up and loot tickets put up for sale.

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This especially is dumb, why offer arrows for gems? How is this in good faith?

Is there only one loot ticket offer a month? Raining tickets.
Would adding more make F2p angry?
I’m out of tickets and being not available as much due to a nerf will people buy them more now?

There is also AR one now and the random one from shop… 90+100+30 I think

Shop wise I don’t think majority people check really unless you want somthing flag pin etc
More on adding another deal

Just a coincidence I have it now :rofl:

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Not too bad of a deal actually. I wouldn’t buy it personally but could see people that would, thanks for sharing

I thought we all had offers at the same time/day.
My Fast Lane pack started a few days ago, and at this time right now, has 38 minutes before it expires.
I didn’t even realize.

I can’t live without those tickets. Send a package please…


Consumer feedback


  • these are attractive for purchasing … but please increase Atlantis Rising days so we can farm more to compensate for resources needs for the new events.


  • these trainer packages are attractive for purchasing… but please re-balance the game by reducing the ascension materials chokehold on Season 1 five star heros. I cannot purchase and use these offers because my roster is choked with duplicate heroes I cannot ascend!

  • i.e. I am happy to buy trainer packs to level S1 5* heroes, but this duplicate hero problem is out of control for all players due to S1 vs new Heros having the same ascension mat requirements.

note: I want to spend more on this game, but your game design is killing all my motivation to spend or limiting my ability to purchase and use these offers.

so… Why not motivate purchasing in areas that improve QoL?

  • by reducing the S1 5* hero ascension mat requirements
  • increasing farming days

Thank you

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I had at one time over 400 loot tickets in preparation for AR in the latter part of 2020. They were depleted on the very first day quick enough that I had to engage in autofarming for the remaining duration of the AR. I think you need thousands of loot tickets and hundreds of WE flasks just for you to farm the entire AR event using loot tickets. I farm 2-9-10 or 2-9-9 since it offers the most experience points per energy flag, have decent loot, and that the WE expenditure offer you more chances of meeting the seadragon since you have more waves encountered in those stages requiring only 3 WE flags than those that require more.

I don’t think SG is dumb enough to increase the number of days in AR without assurance that players will really buy those loot ticket offers at 1,400 gems and 1,200 gems every month. They have their metrics for that and probably identified usual customers who buy those on a regular basis.

I think the solution here is not the weekly ultimate tournament offers, but buying the hero cap increase from the in-game shop at a progressively increasing cost of gems. If not, the other feasible solution is to retrain dupe legendaries or feed them to your other heroes being leveled. All legendary heroes have always required certain specific amounts of epic ascension mats to be fully ascended. Been that way and regrettably, I don’t see Small Giant changing it anytime. Ever.

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Why you don’t offer loot tickets as Atlantis rising starts… doesn’t make sense to me.

I would love to get loot tickets now we have also Valhlla forever and time is limited we need more loot tickets offers :blush:

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The offers for this Atlantis are the same as they’ve been for as long as I can remember.

Not that I wouldn’t want more tickets at a reasonable price but this particular offer is as it’s been for…2 years?? 18 months at the very least

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