Loot Tickets Should Always be for Sale as a Regular Shop/Store Item

I’d be quite happy to pay that price, but methinks it would be higher, as most desired things are. :wink:

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Okay…I LOVE LOOT TICKETS. …there…I said it.

Sadly they just don’t come around often enough for me and like so many who have finished all the levels in season 1 & 2 …I must also admit I get teeny weeny bit bored playing the same levels over and over and I don’t always have time to sit and wait for auto play to run through.

So I would like to suggest that a pack of 100 loot tickets be available under resources in the shop so that we teeny weeny bit lazy types can just buy them when ever we need them.

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They would also make a fortune on that during Atlantis Rises :rofl:

Please just sell loot tickets in the shop. Bundles of different sizes always available. Watch stonks go up.

Can we downvote an idea too? Asking for a friend


I sometimes buy loot tickets. Usually a new offer appears before mine are finished.

I can understand it is annoying to want them but not being able to buy them. But if they were permanently available in the shop, I fear the offer’s value was like the usual gem offer… not really attractive.

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I think it is a great idea. Honestly, half the stuff in the actual shop is completely useless and I suspect is only ever bought by new users who wouldn’t know any better.

I would like to see the shop cleaned up and loot tickets put up for sale.

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This especially is dumb, why offer arrows for gems? How is this in good faith?

Is there only one loot ticket offer a month? Raining tickets.
Would adding more make F2p angry?
I’m out of tickets and being not available as much due to a nerf will people buy them more now?

There is also AR one now and the random one from shop… 90+100+30 I think

Shop wise I don’t think majority people check really unless you want somthing flag pin etc
More on adding another deal

Just a coincidence I have it now :rofl:

Not too bad of a deal actually. I wouldn’t buy it personally but could see people that would, thanks for sharing

I thought we all had offers at the same time/day.
My Fast Lane pack started a few days ago, and at this time right now, has 38 minutes before it expires.
I didn’t even realize.

I can’t live without those tickets. Send a package please…

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