Loot Tickets Should Always be for Sale as a Regular Shop/Store Item

I hate farming and would be happy to purchase loot tickets! Like ham and iron, please make this a permanent feature of the shop. Being at a higher level doesn’t make you a stronger player at all, so making loot tickets available all the time for purchase shouldn’t be a problem.

They are for sell. I believe it’s 1,400 gems for 90 of them plus you get a few characters to help level you up.

Hi. I know they have the odd special from time to time in the shop but my point was to make them always available, in unlimited quantities, for those that wish to purchase.

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I believe Loot tickets should be in the store as a regular purchase, in addition to the fast lane / raiding loot ticket deals.

100 loot tickets per 100 gems seems fair to me, particularly if I have to pay gems to beat something I (obviously) can already beat.


This is a great suggestion. It seems some battles, a lesser team creams you? It is hard to play a game/spend money if you only win 20-30% or there are cheaters

Perhaps revise your expectations - fast lane pack gives you 90 and costs 1200 or 1400 gems if I recall correctly. You don’t think these 5 WE packs are worth 1000+ gems I hope.

I’d definitely like to see loot tickets in the store, but rather expect 20x for 300 gems or so.

But to be fair, I only farm on loot tickets (except chest filing) and sitting now on 200+ by just being on VIP and purchasing the Loot Ticket 10 USD offer whenever it appears (it seems to be once per month). So it’s not like they are completely out of reach. Of course you have to pay real monies for them, but I can’t imagine an item that is more to be called premium than the loot tickets. Only thing it does it saves your time.


The reason the packs cost 1200 is because you also get 2 3* trainers as well as 5 world energy flasks.

That brings our cost to 700 for the trainer heroes and 90 tickets. I certainly would believe that the value of a 3* trainer would at least be 300 gem each. It is a 3* after all, not unlike something you would pull from a 300-gem epic summon.

That leaves 90 tickets for 100 gems, which is not too far off of what my suggestion is.

I’d pay that.

EDIT: The “raining loot tickets” deal is 9.99 USD. 1 WE flask (100 gems) plus 1000 gems, plus 100 loot tickets. Again, I posit that 100 tickets for 100 gems makes sense.


I just want to save time, of which I have limits, particularly with Season 2 hard levels that I can easily beat (again and again) but cannot autoplay because the AI does some really stupid stuff.

I know, seems strange, why would I play a game when I don’t actually want to “play” the game… :slight_smile: I just fast forward the reruns to get to the fun.

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The major problem with this is that big spenders will buy loot tickets and flasks and speed farm for more mats and higher levels. It sounds good in theory but it would be severely abused.

I dunno, whereas I do not disagree with you, the spenders already buy the deals, they buy world energy refills… other than a little more speed… I see less of a downside to that than, say, offering more deals with ascension materials for gems.

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Do you have the VIP? It gives you 3 loot tickets per day and an emblem.

Between that, and the occasional deal with loot tickets I’m up over 300. Can’t imagine using them all but I guess my WE is a lot lower than high lvl players.

I use loot tickets regularly in 23-9 for the exp (seems to have better drops than 23-11). When there’s nothing going on in Quests, I head straight to 23-9.

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all my buildings are at level 20, I’ve got 44 world energy and usually burn through my loot tickets the second I get them (usually from war). I’m not spending any more on the game for awhile, at least not dollars, but when I have 100 gems stored up I usually buy world energy refills for extra farming.

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I do the same, basically, except with Season 2 15-8 Hard.

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In my opinion your math is heavily off there. Loot tickets are THE main reason you would buy that offer. Not for the 5 energy flasks and not for the trainers. And you want to imply that the main part of the deal is worth 8% of its value. Sure trainers are valuable, but the rng trainer pack can give you 3-4 for 300 gems. 5 energy flasks - well, you get the Energy Drink Pack where beside those you get 5 raid attacks and 3 unfarmable & rare titan flasks. It is definitely not that someone would buy that pack for 5 WE, it is built around the titan refill and 5 WE is just a bonus.

I would even risk saying that the Fast Lane Pack is 90 loot tickets WORTH these 1200 gems, and you only get the WE and trainers as a free bonus.

If you allow buying 100 of them for 100 gems, noone would ever buy these offers again and noone would ever care farming on autoplay.

Sure it would be nice, same as buying 10 WE flasks for 100 gems or 1000 Atlantis coins for 1000 gems. It would never happen though, as the item is worth much more. Plus there would have to be limits enforced, and definitely 100 is way over that possible limit.

Opinions are certainly going to differ on this. Which is fine. A couple of points, though, which helped me come to the conclusion that I did:

The RNG trainer pack includes 1* and 2* trainers. This way you know the precise colors and star-value of the trainer pack with no RNG. guaranteed result > RNG. paying 300 per trainer is a reasonable expectation, as you get a guaranteed 3* from an epic hero pull, even if the trainer hero is likely never to be used except to feed another hero. So 600 is reasonable there.

500 gem is the cost for the standard world energy refill (*5), there is no disputing that this is the value of the world energy flask (100 gems). So any value you would get would discount 100/per flask and then divide from there.

That leaves the remaining 100 - 300 gems (1200 for nonspenders/rare spenders, 1400 for heavier spenders) Where you get 90 tickets for the remaining value of 100-300 gems. Might I consider 300 gems for 90-100 tickets? No. Not even a little bit. I’d get a few world energy refills instead. This is where SG would hopefully look to price it at a rate that makes sense for the purchaser, and attainable for those who are not considered whales.

100 makes sense to ME as a good cost for 100 loot tickets. But, then again, it is only my opinion.

The energy drink pack is a whole other ball of wax. Obviously you buy the titan flasks and the others are a bonus. no dispute there.

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I don’t get how they can be a bonus there, and not a bonus here.

WE can be easily bought any time you want and it is a medium-rarity drop. LT are unfarmable, unobtainable and everyone considers them precious due to convenience (and nothing else) they provide. The fact people would even want to pay gems to get them best prooves it. If that options gets ever added, consider it wouldn’t be as cheap as you outlined - same as everything else in this game that makes the life easier and saves time.

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I only say that for the value of the titan flasks being worth (in my mind) 400 gems/each that the rest seems like a bonus.
It’s always context, no need to be difficult.

Don’t want to be difficult, but following your logic, each loot ticket is worth ~13 gems. And judging about how often they drop, how many you get from VIP etc. it feels about right. Inflating that to 1 ticket = 1 gem is just great underestimation.

Truthfully, I think the conversation is going to go nowhere… it seems to make sense that, for what they are, the cost should be 1-2 gems per ticket and no more, but readily available in the store. Perhaps, to avoid abuse, allow 1 per day. Seems reasonable, though you may not agree to its feasibility.

Gems are usually only worth it (to purchase) at a 1:1 ratio, but then there are special deals that offer 2 gems per 1 dollar. The deals can keep coming, but a reliable source to purchase them makes sense to me.