Loot tickets not giving xp

Loot tickets are not giving do or registering kills for monster chest on season 1 the last stage

You will need to provide a screen shot of post results, or a video would be better from you doing it.

(Attachment 20200722_152158.mp4 is missing)

I did not realize it was a ice chest but it does it on allchest

(Attachment 20200722_152158.mp4 is missing)

Never had issues with map boss stages and lootix.

But there are only 3 enemies. All of them are red in S1 and won’t count towards ice chests.

I think that it’ll work well next time you’re going to fill a regular chest.

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I realized it was a ice chest after the video but it doesn’t work on any other ones with ice enemys

Still not w6

(Attachment Compressed_20200723_130038.mp4 is missing)

It will not take the mpg4 file today of it still doing it

To show a video, you’ll have to up it to any video platform and share the video link.



You progressed 12 enemies with those 3 tickets, and gained experience. What is your problem? I don’t see a point in replaying that stage in particular, it’s a boss stage with only (4 i guess) enemies. One of the worst stages in the game to fill a monster chest.

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Neither an issue nor a bug.
What did you expect?

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