Loot tickets for Rare quests

Why not allow loot tickets to be used for completion of Rare quests after a player gains certain XP level?

Rare quests like Shrikewood, Morlovia, Farholme Pass etc. are excellent sources of ascension materials. However, after a certain level of time, they pose no challenge for the player to complete it, except for spending time on it.

In an ever increasing options of quests and challenges, maybe the developers can allow the use of loot tickets to auto complete the levels just like season stages. This can also be linked to a minimum number of times the player has completed the quests.

I usually use Auto play for these quests.
So these 5 levels do not require much attention from me.

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Me trying new non-maxed heros… This time I was playing with 4-60 Ametrine to check what she can do… Always some 3* in the mix, some 5* in early stage of leveling. So, it’s fun in some way.

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