Loot Tickets are a Joke - They completely miss the point

I’m trying to wrap my ahead around what the developers were thinking with loot tickets, and what other players are thinking in defending the way they were implemented.

Players wanted a way to alleviate the daily grind of replaying stages over and over to farm necessary materials. The developers responded by implementing loot tickets. But by giving us 1 of them to start with, and making them an item you get in loot, it almost completely defeats their purpose. Players are still going to have to actually play out and grind the levels now for the majority of their farming. So what exactly is the point of even implementing the feature???

And on top of that, they actually now represent an opportunity cost for other loot that was already in the game and needed. Now when I get these items from wanted missions, titan chests etc, I’m getting it at the cost of another item I could have received. This becomes especially frustrating if that item is ascension material.

I really don’t understand what the thought process was here?? This feels like an insult to be honest.

I suggest anyone that’s actually satisfied with this system to take a look at a game like idle heroes. They’ve implemented this kind of system in a FAR better way. Essentially you can either skip battles at a certain VIP level, or once you reach a certain level in game, you can start skipping battles. But essentially after the first week or two with the game you don’t have to sit through mindless farming battles over and over again. And if you don’t want to do that from the start, you can purchase the VIP level to always be able to skip them.

This system…it’s just a giant let down for a much anticipated feature. It just feels like the devs either completely missed the point, or worse, didn’t care and just saw it as another thing to add to the store to try and coax money out of us. And there’s already plenty to spend money on in this game, so its not like they needed an extra reason for us to spend money.

Sorry to cherry pick quote your post, but this would be my guess …


If you call mindless clicking of a button every 2 minutes playing, then sure… Cleaning a cat’s litter box is more engaging than that, at least it’s a bit of an exercise and scenery changes.


Looks like they pushed a patch and the “Replay” button is back… So, just pretend the whole concept of loot ticket doesn’t exist and hit that ‘Replay’ button. Just forget about it and move on. That’s exactly what I plan on doing…


Yep. Nail on the head.

What will be really special is when these are offered as an IAP. I almost am giddy with excitement for that to happen.

Gotta monetize every single thing in a game, apparently.


Fast Lane Pack is on offer for me right now, 30 loot tickets, 5 world flasks, and three 3* trainers for 1400 gems.



20 characterssss


Wow, that’s insane! When I got the update yesterday I had a new offer in the gem store called something like “Fastlane Pack” but it had way fewer tickets and cost way fewer gems. It wasn’t showing up long


Seems like it will be so!

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Hahahaha ohhhhhh that’s glorious. Well played SG. Well played, you greedy little entrepreneurs


So stupid that you have to use your energy, and doesn’t credit kills for monster chest. Why bother!


Loot tickets suppose to be “impovement”. Good joke SG :smiley:

New automatic system suppose to remove stupid grind, where you do same thing 1534983 time in a row. Thing that has in fact no risk, just takes time and your mobile battery. I read before that you are going to remove that part from your game but no, it’s better to introduce something useless. GG&WP


Fast game packs are a snare and delusion. Loot tickets are useful if offered from other sources. (I use mine exclusively on 23-11 to get shirts and boots, and occasionally when I want to maximize on XP per flag… But they require energy flags, so 30 loot tickets have no real intrinsic value whatsoever. The devs are demeaning themselves when they underestimate our intelligence. I am a loyal player, but when I see a dumb move, I think I should call it out.


Loot Tickets shouldn’t cost any flags; or anything at all to use. What they should be is an item to give you extra loot. That way they will turn into a much more valuable item.


They have their uses as they are. It was very nice to let my world energy get to the highest multiple of 7 it could, then burn tickets on 23-11 when I only had a few hundred xp left before levelling. No experience or world energy wastage, nice loot, and a full energy reset, all in a few seconds.
They’re good for 20-4 and fire chest filling, though I can auto-farm that level safely now.


I’m guessing loot tickets require world energy as a way to limit how fast and freely harder map levels can be auto-farmed. As they’re implemented now, removing the energy requirement would make loot tickets overpowered; it would simply push everyone to auto-farm 23-11 (maybe 20-4 for red chests) and literally nothing else because why waste a free guaranteed win on lesser loot? But requiring energy makes the tickets underpowered, only finding use occasionally to speed up farming a little or to spend down world energy before a level up.

But maybe there’s a middle ground, a way to make loot tickets useful while still scaling up the cost of using them on higher map levels:

  • Instead of requiring world energy, require that a player pay the same number of loot tickets as the number of energy points it would take to normally play the level. No world energy would be spent, just the tickets.
  • Make loot tickets spawn 5x more commonly from chests/titans/etc than they do now.
  • Give VIP members 5 loot tickets daily rather than 1.
  • To mitigate devaluing existing loot tickets, quintuple any loot tickets that were in a player’s inventory before the change took effect.

In a nutshell, increase the influx of loot tickets five-fold and then make loot tickets themselves the cost of auto-farming higher levels with no world energy required to use them.

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Yes, but you appear to be looking at it from a game balance perspective.

F2P MMOs require energy meters because there is no such thing as a free lunch. Because of energy meters, loot tickets still need energy:

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100% agree. If the devs aren’t going to expand the maps, even if they are, the tickets are great but they’re not offered in large enough quantities. They should ALWAYS be available to forge!

When they are offered in the fast lane pack, they should come in groups of 100 tickets!

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I use them when I’m short on time, want to burn my world energy quickly, or am about to level and want a quick turn around on the titan flag reset.

They are useful. Not a game changer… but useful.


They are a joke. If they saved your World energy they would be worth something. You might as well just play, what’s the difference.

The accumulation of 100’s of worthless ingredients and ascension materials is a joke also. You cannot find the ascension material to ascend. So you cannot improve your hero which is so frustrating. The game people should not hinder members from ascending the heroes. Its bad enough you cannot get the hero you want. The random selection would not be to bad if you could have a draw for 5 star, 4 star or 3 star or less. The way it is now I would not spend a dime buying any gems. I like this game but I hope they go broke.


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