Loot ticket


Although I would never wake up in the middle of the night to burn energy I like the tickets. When Im out with friends or my girl I‘d never spend time autofarming on my phone. But with the tickets I can easily spend a few hours of energy in a couple of seconds. I like it!


I do that too! So you’re not crazy…unless we both are :wink:


I always get up in the middle of the night anyways to go to the bathroom or something and I hate the thought of being inefficient and wasting energy so I just have to do it lol. Good thing is I wake and fall back to sleep pretty easily hahaha


The people who actually got loot tickets from sources other than VIP report that there seems to be an extra slot in the chest for them, making them an additional potential outcome, rather than taking away from the chances of better loot.


Simply not true. Youre just cursing without a minimum of evidence. It‘s embarrasing how the forum turned into a rumour and whining area…


Please re-read the Forum Rules. Posts that violate the rules may vanish with or without warning. Thank you.


Interesting undocumented feature, if true. That opens up some perspective for these.

But why would the devs not add that good news to the patchnotes?


Yesterday on my Holly chest I have one hero token, one summon token a 2* trainer and 2 loot tickets. No flask. Usually I have 3,4 tokens on elemental chest. . That’s my impression on this. I will keep an eye on these loot tickets and I will take Screenshots.


No1 ever reported 2 or 4 coins. I guess you are making something up here…


I have never received 4 tokens from a single elemental chest.
On the topic. I opened a fire chest, got 3 tokens, trainer, world flask, and a loot ticket(+all other normal elemental chest loot). So that indicates that they are their own loot roll.


Nobody till the loot tickets are in game. Let’s wait… No judge me ahead. Wait for more feedback on this.


But 4 coins is simply a lie. Hands down…


I don’t know about this for sure… I’m not a tracker on this… I said so 3,4 because I am not counting when I see only summon tokens. But right now is the first time I see only 2 tokens and these uselles tickets stand there.


Pics or it didn’t happen.


I don’t have but I wish this will happened to you in the future and you’ll remember me :wink:


I have. Usually 1 epic and 3 normal summon


I applaud your dedication.

While I personally don’t go the length you do, I will admit to using biobreaks to hit titans or burn attack/world energy.

Actually, now that I think of it, sitting out some particularly smelly biobreaks could be considered a separate league of dedication as much as interrupting one’s sleep. Oh my, I think I found something to thump my chest on regarding loo gaming.


You answer a ‚pics or didn‘t happen‘ without a pic? Come on seriously… I did never see 4 coins and I really wanna see screenshots so I can believe in it happening


yep ~ i’ll have to try and grab a screenshot or video.
I recently started taking vids since the Ares and Guinevere was overpowered thread


I’ve had a 4 token drop happen from an elemental chest as well. Months ago, and only once, 3 grey hero summon tokens and 1 golden epic troop summon token. It was exceptional enough that I still remember.

@Maaeetz : You don’t need my screenshot, you can have my word. I have no reason to lie to you, and I have a memory that works very well (unless you’re asking my wife on the subject of chores).