Loot ticket scam?

Does it feel like using loot tickets gives you crappy loot especially during special chests? I’ve noticed if I loot ticket away it’s always trash af loot. But if I don’t use any not even one the loot is generally better. Example. Used loot tickets got 35k food 20k iron a gem and a sword. No loot tickets 100k plus food and iron 5 gems summon token a grey one obviously and trainer hero.

Let me know what you guys think as if it’s the same tf is the point of loot tickets.

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Iv never used them outside AR so can’t really tell but the stage you use tickets on the ham and Iron will always be the same and experience too that won’t change. What do you meen by gems? As farming normally you don’t get them confused by this.
Ah elemental chest yeah they suck hate them got nothing from last two really few gems that’s it

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To be honest I only use Loot Tickets when the Atlantis Rises event is on.
And again to be honest, I haven’t noticed any change to the content of any chest rewards …

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Not just loot in general but from chest rewards. Sorry that’s what I meant lol

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I also noticed something like that but I’m afraid it’s not caused by the loot tickets but by the amount of time between two chests opened. Today I finished the raid chest - normal loot. 10 minutes later finished my monstsr chest - 1 gem, food and iron - really low level of resources. No ascension / crafting mat.

I see a pattern here as it’s not first time when this is happening.

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I’m glad you noticed it. I believe they should fix this as it’s now a noticable problem.

I have used loot ticket to fill chest monster when I was in a hurry for leaving to work, haven´t noticed that. I have had crappy and good loots both ways.

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I have the same experience!

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You might be right, last few elemental chest have been very poor loot, which i have been complaining about, maybe it’s the loot tickets ?

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Yes, i noticed that , if you go to next mission on chests, which costs gems, and then you fill quickly again with loot tickets( which i bought) , the food and iron will be only a fraction of what it should be.
Why? I just paid Gems to skip and then bought loot tickets to speed it up, then they think they can rip me off on loot!!. I’m going to contact SG on that one, i don’t know why they think these immoral practices are ok!!? And people on here wonder why players are constantly complaining about SG. They need to stop ripping people off!! It’s simple!!


You are making a completely unsubstantiated accusation. Collect data over the course of a few weeks at least to at least see if there is an actual issue vs RNG and “feelings”


Used loot tickets to fill some elemental chests a few weeks ago. Got trash loot:

RNG works in mysterious ways, man. RNG be RNG !!


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As I’ve said. I see a pattern. Today I completed the raid chest quick (6 flags + 2 in tournaments) and got this loot:

15 minutes later I filled the monster chest and the result is kind of meh. Less food, few draws.

When it comes to RNG, it works only when bad things happen. I never saw a RNG to give me mats every chest for a week in a row. But I’ve seen crazy bad RNG. This is why I believe it’s not only RNG.


I have opened back-to-back raid diamond chests with scopes in both. Streaks come in a good flavour too


Oompa loompa doompety doo
I’ve got sarcastic musings for you

Oompa loompa doompety dee
Chests Often are Ascension mat free

Who do you blame when your chest is a dud?
Common, Useless and stuffed full of crud?

Blaming tickets is such a shame

You know exactly…
what’s …

Cruel RNGesus…

Having Expectations …



Obviously we’ve all opened enough chests over enough time we can see a pattern…not like we jumped on today and we’re like omg something to complain about.


I can’t agree that the use of tickets somehow negatively affects the loot. This is my personal experience. Moreover, during the rise of Atlantis, the use of tickets for farming on the passed provinces almost always brings Atlantis coins. And, in large quantities. At the same time, passing through the provinces without tickets, you can use more than a dozen flasks and not meet a single dragon.))

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Very interesting about the dragons I will look into this.

I haven’t noticed any difference in the loots obtained from using loot ticket versus when it wasn’t used, more so when I use loot tickets I’ m probably in much of a hurry to have time for any observation.

But would you adjust the tile of your thread to be consistent with the topic eg. “Does loot ticket give scrappy loots?”

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