Loot ticket question

So i cant find an answer to this question in the forum so im asking it here.

I play season 2 14-9 on my own. I get like 20ish recruits for the 12 world energies. Not bad. So then i use 3 loot tickets to speed up farming (thats the purpose of loot tickets right)?

So for 3 loot tickets i get only 30 recruits. I dont feel this is fair. Am i wrong? @Kerridoc is there something in loot ticket rules thst states no matter bow many loot tickets you use you are capped at 30???

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There’s been a lot of mulling over on this. Maybe it’s magical thinking on my part, but I always use loot tickets one by one.


For me, I get better results using the loot tickets individually, rather than batching them.

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Does it work better using them one at a time??? Ive never tried…

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I’ve wondered about it as well. Just seems when u batch em then you get the minimum amounts of recruits rather than a random amount within a range each time

If i farm 8-7 it’s usually 8 to 10 recruits
1 loot ticket = same result
Multiple tickets = 8 recruits per ticket

Just observation i havent tracked data on it though

I noticed more loot/recruits using them one at a time

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Wow thanks guys. But seriously. Isnt this a bug that needs fixed?

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I always thought it was but others seem content with it

So i just used two loot tickets and here are the results

Thats pretty clear evidence that using them in singles is waaaaay better! Ganted, its only two data points but all my previous months on season 2 level 15 result in 30 troops for 3 tickets. I would say its def broke

Not wasting any more flasks for data points. I feel i have more than enough proof. Now i know so i will be moving on

That is crazy…nice find.

8-7 gives me more troops and nuggets and roots for the energy so i will stay on season 1 levels 8 and 5 for troops and nuggets.

Thanks for the response guys.

Speculation on better/worse loot one-at-time or multiple-at-a-time, I can at least confirm there isn’t a cap on recruits, or at least certainly not as low as 30, as I often get 67-70 from a two-at-once ticket run of Season 2 15-8 Hard, and consistently get 33-35 from a single run on that level.

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1 loot ticket vs. 4 loot tickets on 1-9 on hard

1 ticket

4 tickets

I’d say RNGesus just decided to give you fewer recruits per stage run on the 2 tiickets you used. It’ll happen.


Wow. Let me try it again but i hate wasting any more flasks. I will post it up shortly. Maybe i have bad luck???

If 30 is within the range of expected results from 2 runs of 14-9, I’d speculate bad luck. I haven’t so far personally noticed any indication I get more/fewer recruits running single or double loot tickets on 15-8 Hard at least.


Well theres the proof.

I had 3 loot tickets gice me 30 each time this morning on two separate occasions. Still 8-7 cant be beat

I’ve gotten 45 recruits at once. Not always but often enough. I use 3 loot tickets on season 2 1-9 hard. So, that’s an average of 15. And it’s only 10 W/E. I do it for the back packs.

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Just to play Devils advocate, earlier 2day I was waiting for the next Titan b4 I leveled up (to me, the best way to use loot tix). I spent all 36 WE on 8-7 and got 106 recruits. After hitting the Titan 3 more times, I went to Atlantis. Just sayin. How much better is it? And is it just rng…and more importantly, how much worse Can it be? Sounds like another “need more data” things to me. If it’s way dif and I’m way off, please tell me.

Obviously I don’t care about the # of tix, but I don’t wanna waste the WE…

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