Loot suggestions

Everyone agrees that map loot, titan loot, chests and mystic visions loot mostly sucks.
Everyone is hoping for the 3* and 4* non-farmable ascension mats, and mostly, they don’t get them.

Instead, we mostly get 1* and 2* farmable mats, or battle items and usually only 1 or 2.

Here’s a suggestion that would make the loot suck much less: When you give lower star items, give more of each.
Give 20 Crude Iron (1*) or Large Bone (1*) or Leather Strips (1*) in a Mystic Vision, rather than just 1.
5 Hardwood Lumber (3*), 10 Firestones (2*) and 20 Strings (1*) would do a lot to ease the disappointment of opening a rare chest and only getting farmable mats.

If I have to farm map level 20-4 12 times to fill a fire chest, opening it to find less loot than I get for farming it one more time is extremely disappointing.
Getting similar loot to farming it 12 more times would be a lot nicer.

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