Loot really sux

I’m aware of the rng etc. But I just collected on a RARE titan at loot tier 11 with an A+ and got Nothing. Same junk as 8.7. Worse is the chest, 5 titans all A or higher and more junk. My alt account got a C and got DARTS)though it was a purple titan). That chest was b,c and got eht and 10 emblems vs 5 in main account.

I know about the random stuff. I just had to vent. Its getting monotonous after fighting s2 on hard and farming to get nothing.

I read the forum so I see these posts all the time. I even poke fun at complainers in most cases but after reading about the direction of the alchemy lab and paying for a chance at mats using rng x rng then this tonight really drives me nuts.

Again im venting. Let the comments commence.

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