Loot or Bumpkiss

I just gotta vent cuz I’m upset. My alliance defeated out 1st 6* titan tonight. I placed first and got bumpkiss, from what I understand titan loot has been messed up for awhile now but it should be fixed. It should be put on a priority list. I’ve only been playing this game for about 6 months and at some point this game was rated #9 for top grossing role playing game per google play. I saw it go to 8 and now it’s number 6! I’m tired of hearing this is a small company with only 20 employees. They are making money. Hire more people even if only temporarily to help fix the issues with titan loot. Once it’s fixed keep dedicated employees to keep straight or assign to someone already on payroll. I’ve been trying to figure out if Small Giant likes frustrating it’s customers. If they feel nothing’s wrong or they don’t care.

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Never change your team if you win

There’s nothing wrong with titan loot. But they should still hire more people and make this game the greatest ever. :slight_smile:

I haven’t thought about switching teams. I’ve thought about not fighting titans all together. Why keep putting in effort and getting nothing in return? It’s like staying in a bad relationship or marriage.

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I was talking about SG.
As you stated they’re not so small anymore, and they become like this thanks only of the workship and deduction of a small team.

So, Never change your team if you win

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Can’t expect much from 6* titan. It gets better when you start killing 7*/8* titans.

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Hhhmmm first time I’ve heard that. I’ll stick around and try and find out.

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They have to change their team. There customer base has no doubt grown. I’m definitely not saying get rid of people that have been there and got them to where they are now. They definitely need to add some staff to keep up with their growth.

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It doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue: It gets better when you get lucky with rolls. Been some 2 weeks of titans+titan chests for me with 0 ascension items. We’re downing a mix of 8 and 9s.

Gotta have no expectations when opening the loot or you WILL be disappointed.


I just got a Sturdy Shield from Titan loot. For many Titans before that, I was congratulating my team, because they got stuff and I didn’t.

It has always been this way. The percentage of who gets what changes a little, but it is always a prize after a wait. :smirk:

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Ellilea Thank you I finally get it. Your comment along with a reply I just got from support put this titan loot into perspective for me. I sent therm I think 9 photos of A+ rankings for me to show the loot I got. The person replied A+ only gives you a “slightly improved chance” of better loot. I realize now A+ Is not a guarantee. Thank you I won’t expect much from titan loot from now on. I’ll liken it to summoning heroes it’s hit or miss…A+ may increase your chance to get good stuff. It does not guarantee. I think I understand now.

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Actually A+ on 6* will getbthe coveted 3rd ascension roll

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I only got 2* items along with food and iron. I got a crystal shard, firestone gem, potent leaves, arcane scripts, strong rope, and 3 gems. I took screenshots but don’t know how to post. I got A+ 162K, I was disappointed but I’m trying to let that go. A+ is no guarantee for good loot.

It’s funny though because when I don’t get A+ I think I get better loot…lol. I at least get trainer heroes and I always appreciate those.

Having just graduated to 7*, I can confirm there was a lot more discussion of good loot after that kill. Not the usual ‘pewp’ loot (to get past the filter :)) we usually got on 6 and below.

My A+ on our last 7* netted me junk I got on 3 and 4*s…it really is just random luck…just keep putting yourself in the best positions to get good loot and you will get it eventually

Every titan tier you move up, the ENTIRE alliance moves up a loot tier.

Higher loot tiers have better chances, the devs have stated this and rational observation between 10* killing alliances and 5* killing ones bears that out.

Ultimately though it’s still a bunch of RNG, and variation from titan to titan is an incredibly small sample size… we’d need an astounding amount of data to try to determine it and that isn’t likely to happen.

That all said, the money shot is the 4* ascension items and these rarely come even from 10* titans… far more through MV and rare quests and rare missions, it’s not even close. So ultimately, everyone who keeps playing will eventually get where they’re going, but it’s a slow crawl for progression.

I’m not 100% convinced this is good game design, but they’re increasing players and revenues both as I understand it, and ultimately they’re going to live and die by their own decisions. I still enjoy the game (more about the community and trying to better my scores on titans in particular) but even six months in I’m still frustrated at the progression rate… and I called it nearly exactly: took me slightly more than six months to finish 4 x 80 as a non-F2P player; still missing a telescope for rainbow.

F2P is going to be longer, probably extended by another six months as TC20 takes a while to get a full set of colors… but when I can still look through the top 100 even on raids and of course on titans and see level 70’s all over the place, that’s not exactly a hinderance.


It does, more people on average get an item. I got 2 items twice in last two weeks. Last time it was combined with rare chest and challenge - 9 items in one day (plus one from Winter fun). But it also depends on loot tier, I consistently get IX - XII.

FOR IOS: To post screenshots, click UPLOAD, and select your particular screenshot from your Photo Library > Camera Roll.

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I have android system and I did try using that. When I tap upload my gallery doesn’t come up. My camera does come up and i can take a picture but I don’t have access to my gallery/screenshots.