Loot Odds Chances on Season Stages

Each of the Season stages provides a showcase of “potential items” that can be received as loot but since its randomized its a pretty useless feature. A more useful feature is if the odds of getting the depicted item had a percentage increase qualifier. So whatever the normal drop rate is with an increased percentage rate between 1% - 5% for each of the depicted items on the Seasons stage prior to battle. This would allow players a marginal increase for drops they might be looking for when trying to craft/ascend. I think the overwhelming majority would appreciate the chance to reroll on a stage for a 1% chance on an item they actually wanted/need. (1% isnt that much more but the psychological aspect for the gaming community would be worth it)

Interesting idea

Agree it’s completely useless.

How about even adding a reminder of which items have an increased drop rate already?


Check this farming guide:

It’s player data collection but does what you’re looking for.

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No i dont mean player data i mean an in game feature that allows for increased odds of the items in game on a scale of 1% - 3% for the items on the stage.

So you can open and close the stage screen hoping for the best increased odds for the item you want from that stage before playing it.

Well when the odds are stacked against you , you are 100% correct it is pretty much useless the same as when you by 18‐22 guys and get one five star guy and 1 4 star guy. Same thing with Ascension materials the only way I ever seem to get anything is if I buy one of the deals. You should be allowed to trade your guys and materials. This way you can at least trade with
teammates so you could possibly gets something you need. They have to do something because they sure don’t like giving it to you, even when your buying it. If you agree with me how do we get this to someone who matters. L

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