Loot Link Codes

Hi, probably an odd question but gonna ask anyway. Some of the other games I play the developers give out “Loot Link Codes” as an act of good faith to players. These codes aren’t in-game per say but a stand-alone link that you type in your web browser and it opens up your game app for you and you get free farms, coins/shards and/or money to said game. Wondering if E&P has anything like this?

One game I play, not mentioning other developers on here but they have chat groups on Line, Band,& Discord for their VIP Program (top players/developers chat. Wasn’t sure if E&P has anything like this as well.

My Line App ID is: Autobotsurvivors
Always looking for information on all games I play. Thanks

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I’ve been playing for a year and a half and haven’t heard of either being available. There is an Active Player’s Lounge on the forums but they just had their latest round of applications accepted.

No, if the devs gift a player something, it will be through the in-game messages. They’ve done it regularly in the past when the monthly challenge rolls around on the 2nd Thursday of the month. You’ll find a message announcing the challenge and a World Energy flask.

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