Loot is just a joke

dear SG, today you definitely hit rock bottom with giving me this loot for my 6 days of work killing titans:

Titan-chest-Loot on june 13th 2018:

I know the, like we say in Ausria, fat years are over and no one is expecting a hidden blade, a coat or magic balls for hero-chest - but come on, for titan-chest this is just ridiculous.

Please tighten the screws for loot just the other way around.

greetz goofy


Those 9750 gem packages aren’t gonna sell themselves


That is very harsh but also a very fair assessment. lol


I’ve had worse :sweat_smile:

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Loot is not a joke. Jokes are funny.

What can I say? At least they threw you a bone?

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


that was a good one…

indeed… i had to laugh out loud…


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Devs are starting to push this game further towards milking money from you and in my opinion they are not far from the point when a lot of people will say: “Enough is enough” and just simply get rid of this game.

I see that loots and chances to get certain items are getting worse. I am not far from uninstalling this game, as even when I was spending money I was getting stuck and I am not planning to spend more.

For example I have been playing for 3 months EVERY DAY and I have had 1x fine gloves. All my 4* Heroes are stuck and I can`t push the game any further. After 3 months and spending money here I haven’t got even one 5* hero. That is very discouraging and puts me off.


I hate to piddle on your parade, but I just a few minutes ago got gloves from a titan and a telescope from the titan chest. Through constant momentum I can usually find 2-4 random rare items each week. Having said that, I do find it discouraging that the elemental chest rewards ain’t what they used to be.


Yesterday I got poison darts from my titan chest. Good stuff is still available

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Yesterday I also got 2 telescopes and 3 tabbards in my Titan chest

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not getting anything is not my point…

but in my opinion are getting a scope from the titan itself but just vegetable from the titan-chest are complet different things…

Really? I’m interested: please explain how you see that the loots and chances to get certain items are getting worse.

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You make me laugh @Brobb, more than this subject. I got same feeling (no 4* items in 5 months except rare quests / events) up to this month. I got two telescopes (diamond raid chest and mystic vision) in 15 days. It tooks me 13 months to get 4. Maybe I can break this record. Specially if a unicorn titan appear in the next 12 months. Okay, that’s too much jokes in one subject. No unicorn to come :frowning: the worst dark humour joke ever made by SG

Loot is not a joke, or if it is it’s dark humour…


I had 9-10 box tytan and I get only one gloves

SG should at least improve the titan chest loot as the titan loot craps for most of the players, at least they could make unlucky player feel motivated a little. Don’t know how far this game can go as there is too many frustrating players everywhere…

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Ive had lots of trash from any chest lately. Besides legendary heroes seem to be legendary rare.
Personally I played this game for a bit longer than a year en for nearly a year I have walked around with just Helena as my only 5* hero. This felt very discouraging to keep playing the game. The only reason why I kept playing the game was because I’m still in a very nice and warm alliance.
Right now, it feels like the loot system has been extremely nerfed. I’ve been considering of uninstalling the game lately. This loot system is far from encouraging someone to stay attached to the game. What bothers me the most is that I see many people complaining about it, but apparently SG isn’t doing anythinf about it.
drops mic


The titan chest loot is getting worse and worse. Should i be happy getting another backpack or silver token? C’mon…


I completely agree. The rewards are definitely way below the strain of getting to the end… very disheartening :slightly_frowning_face:


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