Loot from Raid tournaments

I will be completely honest up front. I have 2 high level accounts with alot of maxed heroes . I have one foot out the door currently. I have absolutely zero faith that SG will ever fix anything. Their attitude is to drop more and more content on you and never admit something needs adjusting. For Odin’s sake the regular quest haven’t changed since the game released. They are as worthless now as ever (not including rare quest obviously). I participate in raid tournaments on my main account only to fill chest. I only concentrate on monster chest for my 2nd account. Top 1 percent should have a minimum of a 20 percent chance for a four star mat and a 10 percent chance for 2 of them. Top 5 percent should have a 10 and 5 percent chance. Top 10 should be 5 and 2+1/2. There should also be much more summoning loot. Maybe 100-200 Valhalla coins or 10-20 challenge coins. They should also give items people would actually appreciate. Tornadoes, alteration scrolls, hurricanes, titan banners and so on. Not 1 either. 5 tornadoes for top 1 percent isn’t asking too much. No one needs wooden shields, battle manuals, small healing pots, daggers and all the other very easily farmed loot. If you spend 5 days raiding…25 attacks…you should be awarded properly. I’ve dumped wars and challenge events for this very same reason. I’m not hopeful SG will ever fix anything. I will probably just continue being a titan player until I summon the courage to feed off over 100 maxed five stars on 2 accounts. Until then all I can do is hope. If your happy with the current setup…I didn’t mean to waste your time and I apologize. Take care!

I agree, the ascension loot in the raid tournaments is mediocre! After a week of hard work to get to top 1% (or, 5%) tier, IMO we should have a high chance (or, much higher than now) for a 4* ascension mat.

Also, it would be great (not holding my breath) if SG removed all farmable ascension mats from raid tournament loot, titan loot, war loot, wanted chests, etc, as these mats can be attained by playing the map levels.

At this point, I aim for top 5% for the guaranteed 50 emblems, with the expectation (going into the tourney) of not seeing a 4* mat as part of the loot. In my 2 years of playing, I have never seen a 4* ascension mat in raid tourney loot, and I generally end top 5% in most of the tourneys.

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Totally agree with what you are saying. As does every member of my alliance.
Raid chest loot is dire. And there is little difference in loot between the tiers.
Most of us are trying to rush through the “standard” chests simply to push through an elemental chest - fingers crossed

Yeah. Once I get to that disillusioned stage, I’d quit already and forget the game and the forum. Simple as that.

On top of that, it seems to me that elemental chests have been nerfed too. I track all my coloured chests and last year, i got one on average every 5.8 days. This year i am currently averaging 8.4 days. I don’t think i waited that long even once last year. Also, I haven’t had a 4* Matt from a titan for over 2 months.

I’m in exactly the same position, i am literally on the verge of quitting every day, but just can’t bring myself to pull the trigger due to the 2.5 years invested in the game, but at some point you have to realise SG do nothing to improve ther game and give in.

Just as an aside, watching all pull videos on YouTube, the drop rate of villains 5 stars is insanely low, I’ve seen people doing hundreds of pulls and getting virtually nothing.

Maybe this can help really don’t have to read the whole thread. The answer is in the topic…

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