Loot from Clash of Knights is a JOKE

as far as I can see, only tiers have been added when the edit was done…

Show me that I’m wrong please…

Also, still tiers below top 100 % have a chance to get a 3 aether…


Dude, you got 2 mystery avatars!!! You should be ecstatic!!

To be honest, those Avatars especially Franz were one of the main reasons I tried it and changed alliance.
Wanting one of those top 100 avatars :innocent: :see_no_evil:

And I pretty much knew what I would get before and thought it worthwhile, especially since I like this kind of events compared to many others. One of the most fun things is just to push a little bit further and compete with your team mates for positions.

That doesn’t change the fact that outside of the top 100 for alliances and outside top 1k single player the loot is just not worth any effort. You can play rare 1 and stop and get better loot than someone working the whole 5 days and finishing 1500.

So I don’t have to get bad loot too see that there is a huge discrepancy. I was playing long enough in a semi competitive alliance, which finished also this time in the top 10k category and its just not worth any effort.

That’s like if someone just featuring a defense during weekly raid tournaments gets the same loot as someone battling all week and finishing top 1%, but only the best 1000 players get some minimal better loot and only top 100 and 10 really good loot. We have different loot tiers there and most of the time doing well in tournaments results in halfway decent loot, but not here, all loot tiers outside top 1k are equally bad.

It just kills all excitement for the majority of the players, because why should you invest items, time and maybe money into something which rewards you with little ill luck worse than someone just playing 1 lvl and never looking at the event till it ends.

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