Loot for Alliance War wins

With the addition of alliance wars I was excited to see something new away from the regular grinding this game has become.

With that said, it requires a solid team effort to be successful , and with the amount of work the team puts in, to win the war, even being in the top 10… heck even the top 3 the loot just doesn’t make it worth the effort.

Game designers - can we get an increase in non GARBAGE loot items …

We don’t care about food, iron or any of the other stuff we have 1000’s of…

We want to see ascension items - rings ; tunics ; etc…

It’s hard enough to get team members to participate in Titan and war battles , and both should reap more rewards otherwise it’s difficult to promote.

Would like to see this in the next update the game gets boring very fast when you’re stuck grinding.

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Got warm cape here today :slight_smile:

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