Loot Drop increases


It’s very frustrating not having the loot needed to level the hero’s we have paid a lot of money for, everything in this game is digital content and it cost us a lot of money to get what we need. Over the past 4 weeks the only way I have been able to get a 4* item is to purchase it with real money. I understand y’all love this as it lines your pockets with my money however it really pulls away from the entertainment of the game and we have lost a lot of great players due to this. I feel if the loot drops were increase it would make this game more enjoyable and keep players around playing longer. For every Titian kill it should drop at least a 3* ascension item, with increased odds of dropping a 4* item. I have officially gone 4 weeks without getting at least a 3* item…


Yes i agree i have 3 4* Heros and they are at the end of the line and no hope in sight to get the item i need to lvl up my heros just throw us a bone sometime.


Rare ascension materials are how SGG controls (=slows) the pace of the game. You (and I) have paid a lot to get heroes, but the rare mats don’t fall any faster for us than for F2P accounts. (Well, almost; see next paragraph.) as paying customers, we have more options on how to use those rare mats. I have a bench full of heroes that will never see a rare mat—Sargasso, Obakan, Elkanen, Thorne, I’m looking at you. But a F2P player will treat those heroes as the rare gift and boost their team by ascending them.

*Yes, there are ways P2W get more mats. We buy them, first and foremost, through the occasional offers. The crazy among us buy Ascenion Packs from the shop, which IMO is stupid money, but some people have stupid money apparently. More fundamentally, our better heroes get us in better alliances that take down bigger titans. So there is a feedback loop. But as @Brobb can attest, you don’t have to spend big to play big. It helps to be savvy on strategy.


F2P or not, those heroes you mentioned aren’t a rare gift. Even a F2P can just wait for something better with the TC20.
I consider myself F2P too, except that I had VIP for while until all my buildings were maxed.

Only once did I get something good from a summon (Vivica and Gregorion) when I saved up daily gems to do a 10 pull.
All the others came from the TC20 (Lianna, Joon, Sartana, Magni, Marjana, Quintus, Thorne, Azlar, Elena, Leonidas and all 4*'s except Boril)

Maxing 4*'s isn’t really problem, maxing a 5* of each color is not too bad either, but after that it becomes a pain. I never understood how someone could have two and sometimes even more 5* heroes of the same color maxed. I’m almost playing for one year now and I got just enough to get one of each color to 80.


Yao man. @Yana00 using VIP aint Free play!
Don’t talk about F2P when you are not. This is really making me feel so bad.
I am F2P since day 1 in this game, and after over a year I still never had any 5☆ hero from my TC20 but horgal !
And I also still not able to ascend him … How ever all my P2P or P2W fri3nds who joined way after me has full 6 teams of fully ascended 5☆ heroes!
So YES I will look at Thron or any other 5☆ hero as a great gift.
And thanks for raising my inside tempreture to a deadly pain in the chest level with your unwise words.


I just mean to say that I don’t spend anything on summons (chance to get heroes), I only bought VIP because it gave me a big advantage to get my buildings up and running way faster.
My very first two 5* heroes were Thorne and Quintus and I decided from the beginning that I was not going to spend my precious 4* ascension materials on them. Once I got Magni I decided (after reading the forums) he was worthy enough to use my scopes on, same for the tabards on Sartana which I got recently.


VIP gives you 30 gems daily.
I get 50 gems every 30+ days!!!
YOU are not F2P at all!


True, but besides the fact that I am no longer VIP now. I only got Vivica and Gregorion with the summons from the extra gems. all the others listed in my previous post came from the TC20 (I have 4x TC20 and three of them doing legendary training)


Still aint make it feels better.
You have all @20 nice imagin how 3very thing to 20 will take of a real f2p and imag8n how long it takes a F2P player to get saved up to have 10 pulls … I am out of this before I get a heart attack due to geting so angry.
Topic muted


Allright then I’m not F2P but C2P (cheap to play) but I don’t see myself as a P2W player.

I don’t like to pay to gamble (unless it’s a tiny amount), I paid for VIP for the second builder, the gems were just a bonus, not the reason to have VIP, that’s why I don’t have VIP anymore since there is nothing more to build. Once SG will raise the level of the buildings, then of course I will get VIP again. Even summoning is pointless now since I don’t have nearly enough ascension mats to level my next 5* or any new hero I might get.

Anyways, this topic was about Ascension drops and these should be a little more, at least for the 4* AM. or a way to convert them (Alchemy lab)