Loot difference for different star titans

I see… Thanks for your reply!

On another note, do you know which loot tier gives 4 rolls?

I’ve read people say LT 13 or LT14 and above, but my experience says otherwise.

If I noticed well, ranking 1st on a 10* titan (LT13) gave 3 AMs.

While ranking 1st on a 10* rare titan (LT13+1 = LT14) still gave 3 AMs.

But I’ve managed to do this only twice, so I don’t know if I missed anything…

First things first: loot tiers for rare titans = loot tiers for a regular titan with 1* more, e.g. a 10* rare drops as a regular 11*, except for the additional bonus roll chance.
That said you get 4 AM rolls for:

  • A+ on regular 11* or rare 10*
  • A+ / A on regular 12* or rare 11*
  • A+ / A / B on rare 12*

In all the above cases rare titans also offer chance for the additional bonus roll, in which case you would have 5 rolls, with the last one being a 4* unfarmable.
Hope this makes sense.
If you notice something different please post a screenshot so we can check what’s wrong

Just to throw a spanner in the works, the last few weeks I’ve had three tier IX drops only give 2 AM rolls. One of them gave 4 ingredients rolls, the other two just had the third roll missing. Anyone else experienced this? I wondered if it was like the shop packs, e.g., 90% chance of 3 rolls and 10% chance of 2 rolls…

I think a big problem is the loot you get from the titans and the boxes. Lately they are pretty bad and give me mediocre items that I can easily get by playing the regular map.
A lot of ascention items are only available from titan battles and loot boxes and we’re not getting any or very rarely. I can understand rare to a point but give us something from those hard to get boxes.


Read the update notes and loot drops from boxes should improve

Hello, @alcaselzer. Thank you for your response.

I asked my question because most of the threads I found on this forum stopped at Loot Tier 13, that gives 3 AM rolls, and I found only one or two people saying that LT14 and above gives 4 AM rolls.

And only once I had the opportunity of ranking first on a 10* rare titan (LT 10+3+1 = 14), and I don’t remember getting 4 AM rolls, but I was very tired and something might have slipped my attention (e.g. an AM x2).

So I thought of asking here again to confirm that LT14 and above gives 4 AM rolls, and you have confirmed this to me, so thank you for that.

Pictures or it didn’t happen. Sorry, I’ve seen a lot of titan chests, and every one has exactly the right count. Remember that some real garbage like strong rope is an ascension mat, and there can be a little 2x or 3x under any item.


I didn’t take a screenshot but can promise you it did happen 3 times in the last fortnight. I’ll screenshot it if it happens again and post here.

The 2x or 3x is a good point and could well be the explanation!


The main one I remember was the 4 rolls of ingredients and 2 AM on tier IX. The number of rolls was correct but it was leaves etc then sunspire feathers before rope and wooden shield and that’s what made me notice it as I felt cheated lol

This happens to me often.

Because there are so many items on the loot table, x2 and x3 are rare for 2-3 loot rolls, so I forgot to look for it.

While I expect, and even look for it, when farming for a 1*/ 2* loot.

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Just want to confirm what Kerridoc wrote about the increased chance of better items per roll with higher loot tiers: I began my E&P “career” in an almost dead alliance with few active members. We just killed 2* titans and I usually ended up in loot tier 4 (2 rolls). Then I switched to a better alliance were we killed 6* titans in the beginning and I usually got into loot tier 7 or 8 (also 2 rolls).
The rate of rare ascension mats increased significantly. In loot tier 4 I almost never got a rare mat (actually I’m not even sure if I ever got one). In loot tier 7 and 8 I got them often, sometimes for 3 titans in a row.

I don’t have experience with loot tiers above 10 yet, but at least for the lower tiers there is definitely a massive difference in the chances for rare ascension mats per roll.

Hey! Take that back, @Kerridoc! The strong rope is not real garbage! Do you know how many titans I’ve tied with it? :stuck_out_tongue: lol


It indeed makes sense, @Sparrow, that higher titans give more chances for AM.

In the same way that it would be absurd, if the 1 AM roll that one gets when a titan escapes had the same chances as the rolls for the titans killed (e.g. 3 AM).

However, I am still wondering:

  1. How better are the chances between titans of different starts?

  2. Is there a difference in the chances of someone who finishes first on a 9* titan and gets 3 AM rolls, and someone else who finishes just above the 1% limit on the same titan and still gets 3 AM rolls?

In other words, it would be interesting if anyone has any results on the actual chances per roll, and also how would significantly be translated into %.

I have the raw data from 100 titan kills in this thread, just posted yesterday.

Do note that the caveat mentioned above is true for some kills: I didn’t notice the x2 or x3 under some items, as a result, the lower level ascension mats, number of battle items, and lower level ingredient totals might be slightly off… but not enough to muck up the analysis.

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To your first question: I did not run statistics, so I can’t give you any exact numbers.

To your second question: I do not know with 100% certainty, but I’m quite sure that the loot has nothing to do with the titan level and is only based on the loot tier. That’s the whole point of having those loot tiers after all. So a player who finished first on a 9* titan (=loot tier 12) will have a higher chance per roll than a player that barely made the 1% (=loot tier 9). I can’t prove that with statistics, though.

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