Loot difference for different star titans


I think you dont have a clear understanding of how loot works. Getting top score and A+ means you have a slightly better chance of getting rare items than A scores. A scores have a slightly better chance than Bs, and Bs slightly better than Cs.

Anyone can get rare items, and in fact i would expect that most of the time a lower player will get a rare item and the A+ would not get one. The lower players get the rolls for 29 players while A+ only gets rolls for 1.


It’s kind of like this:

The best score you can get on a 5* (A+) will always give you less loot rolls than your worst score on a 9*. Higher is better here.

(You get a certain number of potential loot drops based on the number of Titan you defeat, and also based on the grade you get on that Titan, which determines your number of loot rolls; see the handy link @Zephyr1 posted.)

A 5* A+ Loot Tier counts as XIII (8), which only gives you two rolls toward ascension materials, vs 9* C Loot Tier IX (9) and above which gives you three rolls, per the link. (Please read the link carefully; RNG rules here as elsewhere, but I’ve enjoyed much more ascension material success at Titan’s 9* and above.) :slight_smile:

Edited to answer Bud.

Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

@Rook, you used the term “best” referring to loot rolls. Should the word “more” be edited in?


Good point, @bud. All loot rolls are merely chances. Higher tier=better chance. But all tiers have a low probability of getting rare mats—higher tiers just have a higher low chance.

On any given titan, a “C” could draw a telescope while the A+ gets garbage. But the A+ had a better chance, before the fact, of getting the telescope.

Titan Tier Rewards Question – do higher loot tiers with the same number of ascension mat rolls have higher percentage chances for unfarmable ascension mats?

Here, “greater” rather than “higher”.

Rolls are rolls, but more is better. The rolls in A+ loot may be seen as lesser than what a player got in his C loot, but it is strictly an RNG based difference.


You not only get more rolls at certain breakpounts, but from tier to tier you have better chances of getting rare items per slot.

Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

Are you sure that’s accurate? My understanding is that the probability of rare materials from any given roll is static, and only the number of rolls change with highter loot tiers. As far as I’ve read tier 9-12 loot all have equivalent rare ascension material chances (3 rolls), the higher tiers only grant additional rolls for tokens/crafting mats/flasks. At 13 you would have one additional roll for ascension material, and you’d have one less at tier 8.


Just ranked b on 8* loot was s*** more like a consolation prize lol really not satisfied 3 loot tickets 1 silver summon token 3 monk emblems
I mean really lol


Yes, there is clear evidence that the odds per roll are better with higher titans.

Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

Edited to be more clear. One really must look at Revelate’s original link. My picture is a dumbed-down version to help a new player walk through the concept.

To be accurate, it should show:

  • Titan Stars
  • Grades C, B, A, A+ (D?)
  • Grades on both wins/losses
  • Loot tiers
  • How one actually gets a Loot Tier (6* A and 8* C both equal Loot Tier VIII)
  • How many rolls (chances for ascension materials) a Loot Tier gives you
  • What counts as ascension material? (i.e., “Why do I get daggers and scabbards instead of Orbs and Trap Tools?!”)

@Mr_Style_Points My example stopped at Tier 12, but I believe you’re right on Loot Tier 13 (XIII), 4 rolls. :slight_smile:


I believe there was a revision after Rev wrote the big post. Isn’t it Tier IX where it goes to three AM rolls, now?


I believe you, as that would make much more sense to handle it that way in order to incentivize pushing for stronger titans, but do you happen to have a link to anything summarizing that? That’s contrary to my read of the threads I’ve seen, but maybe I missed a different thread


In the link, Revelate’s post is revised and clearly shows Loot Tier IX (9) as 3 rolls:

(The number at the end of each row is how many rolls you get for that Tier.)

Here’s that link again, if you don’t want to scroll up:

Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You


I am surprised to read this. Like others, I thought only the Titan tier mattered. Is there public data to support the assertion?


I might just be dense but I’ve yet to find any corroborating evidence of this, as intuitive as it seems on paper


Hi @Kerridoc, thank you for your input and all your effort in this forum. I, too, am interested in finding more evidence to support your claim. Do you know if there are any tables from people who’ve researched this to show how many chances each roll has in every * titans?

I would be interested to know if there’s difference in the chances per roll, not only between the * titans, but also between the ranking on the same titan (as long as everyone gets the same number of rolls obviously).

Thank you in advace for your help!


I havent been as systematic about this as I should. My statement is from experience with my main account and my alt. My main account usually gets loot tier 12 or 13, while my alt is usually at 9, 10, or 11. There is a clear difference in the mat drop rates i’ve experienced over that last six months.


I see… Thanks for your reply!

On another note, do you know which loot tier gives 4 rolls?

I’ve read people say LT 13 or LT14 and above, but my experience says otherwise.

If I noticed well, ranking 1st on a 10* titan (LT13) gave 3 AMs.

While ranking 1st on a 10* rare titan (LT13+1 = LT14) still gave 3 AMs.

But I’ve managed to do this only twice, so I don’t know if I missed anything…


First things first: loot tiers for rare titans = loot tiers for a regular titan with 1* more, e.g. a 10* rare drops as a regular 11*, except for the additional bonus roll chance.
That said you get 4 AM rolls for:

  • A+ on regular 11* or rare 10*
  • A+ / A on regular 12* or rare 11*
  • A+ / A / B on rare 12*

In all the above cases rare titans also offer chance for the additional bonus roll, in which case you would have 5 rolls, with the last one being a 4* unfarmable.
Hope this makes sense.
If you notice something different please post a screenshot so we can check what’s wrong


Just to throw a spanner in the works, the last few weeks I’ve had three tier IX drops only give 2 AM rolls. One of them gave 4 ingredients rolls, the other two just had the third roll missing. Anyone else experienced this? I wondered if it was like the shop packs, e.g., 90% chance of 3 rolls and 10% chance of 2 rolls…