Loot chests get poorer and poorer

Has anyone else noticed a dramatic drop in loot chests? I am platinum and this is the monsters chest I got today. My partner plays the game, hasn’t spent a dime (I can’t say the same), and is gold tier. He regularly gets better loot. I know it’s random, but seriously?


I think you may have posted the wrong screenshot — looking at your chest timers, that’s clearly a Monster chest, not a Heroes chest. :slight_smile:


Sorry. Monsters, not heroes. Fixed. Thank you.

Ah, well, in that case, those aren’t tied to your Raid Arena, and yes, the loot from Monster chests is routinely abysmal, with occasional moments of pleasant surprise.

But it’s hardly ever anything very thrilling.


My last 2 diamond chests contained 4 1 star items and 1 or 2 gems. Haven’t seen a 4 star mat from a chest since at least November.

@zephyr1 thank you. It’s good to know it’s not connected to your raid arena. It is disheartening to get chests like this when you’ve put time and money into the game. It’s not the first time, and I’ll be honest, each time it happens it makes me want to take my patronage elsewhere.

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Been getting chests like that for a long time


You’re welcome! I’d just consider the Monster chest a pittance bonus. The Raid Chests are more useful as you get up in Arenas — although as you know, and others have noted, plenty of those contain little of interest too.

But over time they add up.

@madmarv has made some useful observations about farming chests over time:


@zephyr1 Thank you for the info. :slight_smile:


In solidarity, I just opened this Monster chest:

Normally my chests look like yours but just yesterday I received this from a regular monster chest. Guess this is exactly what RNG means :grin:.


I’m kinda happy when i see that kind of really poor chest, as it is usually followed by something more interesting.


I read somewhere that putting stronger monsters in elementat chests has an increasing effect on chests. After receiveing some chests like the original poster showed (combined 40k food/iron plus a couple of gems), I decided to give it a try on monster chests. So I started doing seven 8-7 then capping it off with 20-4. Havent received less than 100k total and at least some other various items for days now. Is there anything to the theory that the stronger the monsters the better the loot?

24 raids per day??? Really?

There’s a parallel thread on this topic going on right now. I’d encourage you to shift over to that one for discussing this question.


That’s what @madmarv said, yes, while noting that some days that won’t happen.

“Some days”? As in, like, every day when I actually have a job to do, kids to raise, and a life to live? Who can possibly win 24 raids in a day? Let alone day after day? Whoever it is seriously needs a hobby.

I wouldn’t fixate on the 24 raid wins per day. @madmarv’s suggestions work for a lower win rate pace too.

No, Andy, it makes no difference. In fact, it is very likely that the loot from some chest types is decided when the chest becomes active, not when it gets completed. I’ve done Elementals every way possible and the loot is completely random.

I don’t even get excited over elemental chests anymore. In the last 2 combined, I had 1 orb and 1 troop token. One of them was so bad I did 23-11 right after and it gave better loot. Not even joking.

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