Loot chances vs. Profile level (or what)?!

Why on earth has my luck totally disappeared?

100 pulls without a 5*
3 months without 4* AM

I feel I’ve to buy everything to get anywhere now…!?

Is this due to poor game design where either:

  • Luck is changed depending on Profile level?
  • Luck is changed depending on money spent?
  • Or is it only due to bad luck?
    I do not belive it is only a matter of sudden bad luck. Something is very fishy.

RNG = Lottery
Lottery is always fishy, especially when you get nothing. If I were you, after the first 30 pulls I would have stopped. And try few hours later. The wheel is always turning, no matter how slow.

Tried that. For days. For weeks and months…
But I guess you’re right.
Would like to have a pity counter (but that’s another tread).
And actually I didn’t stop, and got Black Knight. Alas!
Now I ”just” need some boost of luck for AM as well :wink: