Loot boxes vs Random rolls for heroes the same?

So, Belgium cracked the whip i see. Im not sure what we would call a 10x roll on heroes but no question asked it is a form of gambling. Hope this changes how SG handles rolls on heroes in the future.


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Id think the last 2 deals would be considered “loot boxes” but im no lawyer so im not gonna make that call, but someone at SG is gonna have a restless night figuring this all out. :flushed:

I actually think those would not be considered as they aren’t random. In these you know what your getting instead of being surprised. They list what the contents are so I think this will slide by.

Them 2 are not actually 2 bad, but those ones where they have like a dozen or more ascension items are riding the line id say. Anyways, i see it changing in the players favor in the near future far as odds etc being clearly stated.

But that is where I think they will get around that. They tell you what your getting. Whether it be on the high end or low end they put it out there. So if you take the chance you can’t be surprised. You knew what you were “rolling” for.

Haha no kidding. I sent this via PM 5 hours ago:

think I am $7 in so far. Those $1 for 200 gems really got me hah. Smart of them to set price points high :stuck_out_tongue: darned games… at some point this stuff is gonna be legislated against :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I’m glad Belgium took that step. This is gambling. It’s only a matter of time until more governments realize this and legislate against it. (Included will be Daily Cash leagues for sports. Like DraftKings)

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I myself have spent a total of 70ish usd in the last year but that is small time and i only buy when i know what im getting far as items and or gems, would never buy a total random crap shoot thats for sure even though the gems i have spent on 10x rolls are a total crap shoot and can be a total waste of $$.

Im also happy to read that those type of laws are being passed and sooner rather then later i see the total random of what you get when you spend $$ will be a thing of the past. Hats off to Belgium for getting the ball rolling.

The difference is that you are “gambling” with in game gems. These gems can be collected for free by just using all your game flags and saving up.

Every cash offer I’ve ever seen has been to purchase very specific things, with no gambling involved.


But thats exactly the kind of illegal gambling isnt it?

The ad says “get 2 out of this 10”. But you don’t know your chances. It could be programmed to be 1% for Damascus Blade and 60% for wooden sword. If its the same probability for any item I think it might get through but not if chances are different.

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Good point. Totally didn’t think about it that way. That’s another loophole.

The cash offers have been all guaranteed from what I remember as you said.

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Lol? Are you kidding me? So when i spin the roulette wheel i know its gonna land on red or black and be x number but thats not considered gambling amirite? :joy:

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This is true and it is a gamble, that you are right about. To me that is a gray area. But as Havoc pointed out all these offers are for gems, not cash. So there is that loophole as well.

That’s exactly why I expect things will be fine here in this game. I have a feeling the folks at SG already considered this type of regulation.

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I’ve found no cash based gambling in this game that I can recall. If you have, please do post pics.

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If the legislation is worth its weight in sugar sticks It’ll have riders regarding premium currency purchased via IAP which is utilized even IN PART for gambling activities.

Fingers crossed Belgium gets it right, and a new era of gaming is coming for all of us.

With the current IAP system out of the ways, developers will have to focus on making innovative fun games, instead of addictive slot machines.

And the gamers of the world win :slight_smile:

I read the news, and it totally resemble what happen in this game too.
I don’t know if other countries may start the same thing (Belgium surely is not the “model” of all the european politics) but i’m glad that someone took a step in that direction.

If you want people to spend money and “help” your game, disclose the odds of receiving an item (even if only virtual) is the bare minimum thing to do.

Ok, let me make this easy for you and how law makers will see it also. When you go to Las Vegas you go into most casinos and BUY chips with REAL money which you in turn go and spend on the various gambling devices be it slot machines, cards, dice etc and sometimes you are given FREE chips for just walking in the place just like in this game you can get free gems and BUY them and spend them on the various gamble deals they have.

Lets not act like its not gambling just cause you earned those gems ingame instead of using your real $$. In the end they are gonna see it in the players favor and call all of it gambling less you are buying the item you specifically want and for that i am happy as a fat kid in a candy store.

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There isn’t any new legislation here - it’s just an interpretation of EXISTING gaming laws, so it’s unlikely to have any riders of anything of sort (i.e. non-real premium in-game currency).


:frowning: I better read the original story, huh?

Thats disappointing.

I think it’s coming anyway. Not too distant future :slight_smile:

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Its coming, be in denial all you want. People losing life savings and then some, someone has to protect the idiots from themselves and the law is gonna eventually protect them from blowing all their money on some virtual slot machine.