Loot Boxes & Online Gambling Discussion Thread

Came across this on one of the sites I frequent. Maybe it explains some of the recent changes.

I’ll leave it to you to decide its merit.



That’s interesting and can explain why they decide to publish odds right now (taking a step in advanced before they get forced to do it)
Not sure about it, but it may be.

I don’t know if this helps children to stay away of gambling, but it surely help me to trust more this game.


Who knows, the Google Playstore might be preparing something similar to what the Apple appstore did last December? And maybe they’ve been notifying their app publishers upfront? Or it’s indeed in direct anticipatory response towards the developments in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. Perhaps we’ll find out, perhaps not. Regardless, it’s good that it’s out in the open now.

Maybe this link is also of interest to some of you, it shows some odd out there that are actually worse (!) than that of E&P, go figure: https://www.straitstimes.com/tech/games-apps/want-rare-random-prizes-from-paid-loot-boxes-in-apple-app-store-games-expect-odds-of


Really interesting @Bertus and thats not the first time i see Clash Royale mentioned.

I do not know if the price of gems in Empires & Puzzle is comparable of similar in game coin of other games (i have the feeling that gems has a really high value), but surely 0,00002% chance seems just absurd.

Talked to some friends playing other games (even very different, like soccer games) and they told me that all them revealed the unknown odds these days.

Definetely not a coincidence.

That’s been coming for awhile. More legal changes are supposed to be coming as well in some areas in regards to games that are considered gambling such as same age restrictions of casinos and stuff like that. Mentioned this coming months ago, was called dumb then lol and look piece of the puzzle came to light with last update. More will follow. These games are being recognized as gambling more and more. Actually search the word “gamble” in this forum and see how many results pop up, bet it would be a pretty noticeable amount if not a very substantial amount

This just came out today, looks like the freight train is starting to roll down the tracks…just FYI info…nothing more…you determine merit as you see it.

But in Clash Royale, which has elements of a collectible card game, the chance to get a card from a category of several cards dubbed “legendary” is 0.19 per cent. The chance for a specific legendary card is not officially revealed and could be lower.

Wow, suddenly event 5* seem easy to acquire…


I don’t play Clash Royale and I don’t know how many cards the F2P players can open (reveal?) there, but F2P players in E&P can do at most 2-3 event summons a month. The average time in which the F2P players in E&P will get an event 5* hero isn’t less than 3 years.

I don’t know where this number coming from, but even if it was real, you basing it on the assumption people speaking only the truth about beeing a “F2P”.

What’s more, a F2P winning a Guinevre it’s much more eager to let it know to the world rather then the average player that with a single pull get the 36th Azar.

Finally, you don’t have to forget that odds are beeing published now and there’s no way to know if this reflect what it used to be before.

Edit: oh, sorry. Was it sarcasm?

Also, with Bill S1629 soon to reach the senate floor And require all mobile developers to tie up unclear game data or blurred lines involving in any way micro transactions…which going after a hero of the month would fall under. Sorry to say that they would then be required by law to do this.

If they would like to avoid a massive headache down the road, they should just get on this now.

Or risk being late to the party and getting shut down/sued. Fun times…It’s not like they wouldn’t have a ton of angry witness who wouldn’t want to jump on that class action opportunity. Just saying.


It’s been a while since lootboxes was discussed. Hoping we get all fired up about it again

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I’m not trying to get anyone fired up except maybe the dev team.

No summon guarantees. No trading. Unclear card descriptions; extra elemental dmg%(hidden stat). Raid battles not based on trophies. This list goes on and on.

The problem with a bunch of different lists is that it means there are bunch of different groups who are equally annoyed.

Add in a law that could get passed that SG games currently isn’t complying with…and oof. Things go bad fast.

I like this game, but I hate their slow response to highly requested features that we still aren’t seeing 3 years after their super positive response within the community; Trading for example!

SG needs to make friends and play nice with their community.

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But they won’t, they never will.

Countless players and greats have left this game with the same complaints. And new players think things will change.

@MysterySpin already did an analysis, if I am not mistaken, of a Youtube video with SG or Zynga and it is clear that their business model centers not on player retention but maximising player revenue from existing players.

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Lol, they will have to change once the law is passed. Otherwise they will have a lot of angry people on their hands.

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When is it going to pass? If you hear any news on it pls tag me lol, thanks :joy:

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Still has to go through senat and house lol, but gamble systems in games have already bern identified as a major issue globally. So it’s only a matter of time.

Anyway back to Clarissa. She’s good if you stack with other dots or mono purple, meh otherwise!

In left corner… The Senate of United States! In right corner… A videogame! Remember, gents, no ball-hitting in this fight!

Guys… It’s a videogame… If you hate It so much, just don’t spend money on It, or just uninstall… This forum could be a useful and funny place where players exchange tricks, suggestions, info… But every topic become a war between hangry players and the system…

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Even if it pass, who want to take the case to court.

I dont get this law or what people are asking for. The Extra elemental damage been unclear is a point of information missing I get that.

However Summoning odds is clear is it not? 1.3% chance of getting HOTM, I have heard that their is debate on whether some heros are more common then others and if this is stated or not.
Eg for event challenge say Knights of Avalon the odds of getting a five star is 1% so if there are five, five star heros then the odds of getting a specific individual one is 0.2%. However it may be the case that the odds of getting LotL is 0.6% and the odds of getting BlackKnight is <0.1% etc.
I doubt that is the case I assume if it says chance of legendary event hero 1% that all heros there are equally likely?

The thing is if you want to get legal about it there is a case to argue that Empires and Puzzles is already illegal in America and I believe a good Lawyer could make this case.

Online Gambling is illegal in America I know about this because I am a poker player an suffered due to black Friday. I used to play online poker for a living but moved away from that. I am considering returning to it due to coronavirus but that is another topic entirely. Currently a small portion of my winnings from part time poker subsidize my empires spending so I gamble to be able to afford to gamble yay. Lol.

Just I do not know what people expect like if they remove odds based then will they just outright sell heros? Gravemaker for 30,000 gems? Mokar for 4000 gems?

I see that killing the game not helping it.

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