Loot and Summon Transparency


I feel that the game would strongly benefit from more transparency in terms of how loot and summons are affected by in game factors.

For the time being, we have only one instance of this: Elemental Summons have an increased chance of Legendary Heroes.

This kind of note is critical for players to really understand what we’re doing, and what we’re going to spend our time and money on. Without this kind of active description in more places, I feel it encourages poor feedback because the following happens:

  1. Player group A, with no rhyme or reason as to why they’re in a top 20 Alliance, ranked in the top 500 players, gets Titan loot without a single piece of loot they need day after day. They get great loot on the day they only attacked once, and the days that they happened to level and / or use an energy flask, they get province 1 drops and regular mats. They now wonder if they should just not waste their time, if they should stop spending money, if they should stop playing, or if they should do the absolute bare minimum of one attack a day just to get ANY titan loot.

  2. Player group B, with no rhyme or reason, gets amazing drops every other day. They don’t see a problem, and they have no reason to look to the forums to complain, or to say that look is great, because who would go to the forums in the first place if there wasn’t something to complain about.

So that’s where we are. You have a vocally angry group, and silent complacent group.

Player group A wonders to themselves, “Should I leave this group and join a group where I’m the best player and kill 3* titans with the top damage, will that help my chances? Should I just get in one hit a day because it doesn’t matter, you get loot even if you don’t kill them…”

So… yeah. It kind of stinks when have zero knowledge on how to impact our game when it feels like we’re better off in a low level Alliance just crushing it easily than we are in a top tier one, prepping with items and getting perfect runs… only to get crap drops.

I’m NOT asking for specific correlations and percentages, but an actual breakdown like this would be amazing:

  • Titan star rating is the primary influence on loot chance
  • Individual damage rating strongly influences loot chance
  • Top 3 Damage Ranks increase chance of ascension items only
  • Resources, like food and iron, are statically related to Titan level
  • Defeating a Titan is the only way to gain ascension items. If the Titan flees, you will get loot, but no chance at ascension items.

Of course this is all theoretical but it’s the kind of transparency that helps point players in the right direction.


Great post! Two thumbs up!


Great post…

Today we beat a 7* titan and I came in 11th place and got a C rating or was it a B, can’t remember. I usually A+ most of the time and get crap loot. Today when I got a C rating I got the trap tools I was missing and waiting for. So do you get better chances at ascension material when you don’t get A or A+ ratings? How are chances at loot determined?


Right, these are the kinds of questions that should be answered in general terms. A very simple and very relevant example with getting Hel (I have her now), I did two “10 elemental hero” draws and got nothing. I did a singal epic hero and got her in additional to the hero as a “Bonus draw”

Does that mean I had 2 unsuccessful rolls to get her? Or 20… that’s a BIG deal, but it’s not clear.


I think loot from Titans should correlate to the individual score, not the place I get in the alliance. I got way better loot when I was top player in a weaker alliance killing 2* titans, than now in a stronger alliance killing 4*-5* titans? What’s the point in advancing??


I’m going to double post here. It’s been almost a week, and we need to have this addressed.

So, in the past week, some of the best players in the world, literally, are in my alliance (rank 1, 3, 23, and 30) with my personal best world rank being around 171.

And what does this get me? Why do I benefit? Aside from getting to talk to them, I seemingly get NOTHING. I struggle to get A damage on Titans because we’re doing 7 and 8* and good god they hurt.

I got better damage and better loot just letting loose on a 3* or 4* in an unheard of Alliance when I have double the trophies of the next person.

Devs, is the kind of behavior you want to encourage? Without LOOT TRANSPARENCY there’s no need for strong players to stick together.

So please, for the sake of the game, comment on this.


Today I fought a 6*. Got my personal best score, where 3e best in my guild, only recieved B and got sucky loot? I don’t understand the scoring. Help me please!


When you recieve the loot from Titans you can see the categorization level in roman number “IV”, “V”, “VI” etc. These are different sets of loot where, I think, you have predefined chance of getting stuff. The higher the roman number means better loot. Today we defeated a 6*, I did around 48k damage, got the grade A and tier VII loot - it included a hidden blade and an epic hero summon token.

So my theory is that the performance is rated by % of damage done to the Titan. In example 2% damage of Titans total health will give you C and 8% will give A (fictional numbers). Loot tier(the roman number) is calculated by the Titan difficulty(how many stars) and your performance(the performance grade).


I’ve never noticed these tiers before. I’ll have to look for them. I’ve done A damage on a 7* and still got trash loot. I’m getting quite sick of it.


Thanks Sleven! Helpful.