Loosing my gems

Good morning, E&P, I had 74 gems this morning, this went down to 54 then i played season 1 map, stages for the POV, challenge , when I collected this my gems, went down to 47.

Please Advise

Have you checked your recent activity log? That would show if you’ve consumed them somehow.


Please check what @Ruskin505 suggested.

If there is nothing in the recent activity, then please contact support.

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Another big question, which I have posted to your other topic:

Is your Gem balance positive ?
If negative than when you are receiving gems then the number is moving from -54 to -34 etc…


Yes ruskin, nothing is in it.

Yes im positive, i did not know you could have a - ballance on gems!!

You can have negative balance if you refund some used gems or if you exploited some vulnerabilities.

But as you said it is not the case for you.
So please contact support from the game.

It’s curious that the first reduction is the amount of skipping a chest. Did you possibly hit skip by mistake?


I could well have done, thank you for taking the time to point, this out.

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