Loosing heros


The game just lost connection when it connected again I had 8 missing hero’s. Was 75 before that happened added 12 hero’s and am now at 79. Come on guys no wonder I can’t seem to make progress. I get A+ and A’s and still am just getting the basic stuff from titan loot titan chests mission chests and hero chests. What is going on? Still can’t get no midnight root to drop. Someone said 15-9 they were getting A lot of it. I played that 6 times and no midnight root. It is old. Can’t make banners or mana. Now my titan scores are down because I can’t get any midnight root to drop. No bear banners no dragon banners and no mana. That is a good part of the game


I think you should concentrate on only one issue at a time if you want to solve anything. Missing heroes, for example. Forget about the midnight roots for now.

I suggest you take screenshots of your roster often. Then when you notice heroes missing take another screenshot of your roster and contact Support to ask them what happened to your heroes. They (should) have logs they can check, but they’ll need timestamps and probably the names & levels of the heroes. You should also send Support your last screenshots with heroes present and without them.

Nobody from SG will investigate your missing heroes because you posted on this forum, you’ll need to contact their Support.


These forums are for players to talk to each other about the game. You have a very specific problem that needs to be addressed by Small Giants Games. Please go to the OPTIONS/SUPPORT screen in game and submit a support ticket.