Loosing damage attacking Titan simultaneously?


In NL alliances there’s a rumour going round when two players attack a Titan simultaneously not all damage is registered. Some alliances even go so far as to make players use the chat to announce they’re going to attack and again when they finish. This to coordinate no one is attacking at the same time. Is there any sense in this?


As far as I know this is not true (but maybe something went wrong in an update).

All damage you’ve done registers at the moment you end your hit, so it is possible that when two people hit at the same time for the last little bit of health - that you hit for more hp than the titan has.

(e.g. 20k left on the titan, one person goes in and mid hit someone else starts their hit when the titan still shows 20k - they can both ‘kill’ it during their hit, the log will show that you’ve hit the titan for 20k more hp than it would have).

Could that be it? Else it would probably help to show screenshots/recordings to show the bug :slight_smile:


Yes for the final hits this is very possible, but for the rest I’ve seen no proof. I suppose if two people can’t do damage at the same time the game guides would have told us so. But I’m still curious. Difficult to test though.


We regularly hit simultaneously at my alliance (as soon as the titan spawns there’s probably 4-5 people in with full hits). Never have any problems with damage not logging.

Will follow this thread for when you find a case of when it doesn’t work, but for now i’d say don’t worry about it :slight_smile:


I think they (and with they I mean those mean people who start scolding at you when you question them) are not saying the damage won’t log, but that the scores turn out lower. I have no idea how they can even think they can prove this, but would be nice to hear from developers that it is just a conspiracy theory, so I can just tell the meanest one, he is full of whatever :wink:


Never seen this happen for us.