Loosing another player

I will be deleting this game as I am very unhappy with the game play I had stopped raiding people due to the fact that I keep loosing to people who have less team power and I mean by 100’s so I awoke this morning to 3 people who attacked me with a lot less power loosing over 100 trophies it is not right so for that and other un fixed issue I will no longer be able to waste my time or money on any smallgiantgames.

I am sorry you are having difficulty with the game.

As a player, I have difficulty with Raid so I made the executive decision not to play Raid (or not as much). I posted my best defensive team and found my cups stabilized over time (I would lose and win, but my cups would essentially be the same after a week).

I’m told Raid utilizes an “ELO” system and is based on my cups, not my power.

Not sure any of this helps you, but you are not alone. :slight_smile:

You dont know that you lost to teams with lower team power. You only see the team your opponents are currently displaying.

That said, I hope you find a new and fun game to grab your attention :slight_smile:

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I, like many other players, “honey trap” or sandbag other players into attacking me. My Defense Team is about 400 points lower than my Attack Team. We do this because we prefer the easy raids for easy Heroes Wanted Mission meter points and all that delicious ham.

Trick is realizing that trophies are worthless and only trick the Uber-competitive whales into spending more money. Thank God for these high rollers because they pay for our fun little app. Screw trophies, kill Titans!


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