Looking to merge with a smaller group

We are Taco2 we have room for up to 9 players. We merged about 6 months ago with a team to get us to 24. It has worked out great! We currently have 3 inactive players so if we move them off we have 9 openings. The game gets better when the team is full.

We’re a good group. Our expectations are, if your in the war use your flags. Titans are optional but help is appreciated. We’re effective against 9* Titans some 10*. With more active members that would easily go up.

Everyone is welcome. We have players in the 80s and in the 30s. Everyone helps everyone else out.

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East of the equator is a great clan. We have 5 alliances in our family. We have lost a few due to RL recently but we are on our way back up.
We also have an extensive library that we share rather you decide to join us or not.
Just hit the link below, it brings you to our welcome channel and we can have a chat.


We are a family of 5 alliances and have a place for everyone

Thanks but I think we want to remain independent. Good luck on your recruiting.

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