Looking to merge into an active alliance

Warriors of Midgard is looking to into an active alliance. I do not have the time to effectively lead the team and recruit new, active members. Work is requiring too much of my time. I have given the team until The war ends on 6/21 to let me know who wants to follow me to a new team. So far 5 of the 19 have responded yes. I am only bringing along those that attack the titan daily and fully participate in wars. I estimate up to 10 will follow.

We are looking for an alliance that attacks the titan daily and wants to win wars. We keep the chat respectable and celebrate our successes in the game. We have been using Discord outside the game. We like the use of the external chat for game and non-game discussions.

Our levels are in the 30-67 range. Our members are mostly in the US and Europe. We could potentially have a member or two that want to follow that are in the upper 20s with 1500 trophies

Check out our alliance in game to see if we might be a fit for you. I can reach out on Line or Discord to discuss further.

Warriors of Midgard


I could probly work you guys into Crew- if you want

My line id is jrigs

Hi, i am Poh87 from wadsquad,

Now we are killing 9/10* titans, we have around 21/22 members

Simple rules here, minimum 3 hits on titans and optional in war but all flags

please add my LINE ID pcheowhin for further discussion and I might take all your members.


I have room for 5 in the Locker. We killing 10/11* titans right now and war participation is optional but all flags must be used. Our alliance is also international and utilize a timezone friendly war strategy. We do utilize Line but it is optional but encouraged.

Beacons would be interested to have you along, feel free to drop by for a quick chat or we can come over for a chat too

Hi! Three of us broke from another alliance today. We’re active daily and looking to build! Alliance name: Rancid Chaos.

Hi, I’m Jasper. We look forward to hearing from you. We are active and constantly growing. 18 out of 30. There is one thing, but we are Russian-speaking. If this does not scare you, then we are ready to discuss a merger. Our Alliance: Garage 940

Knights of Tomorrow are looking for a merge Exactly like this. We expect Daily Titan hits, Looking for war wins but understanding that life happens & just ask to opt out if can’t be around.

DREADLORDS-[SWORDS] is looking for a merge as well. We have 11 spots available and are currently hitting 8-9* titans.

Our members are mostly within the lv 30-60 range. We mainly use Line though sone of us do have discord. We are currently running green tanks for war. We are part of the Dreadlords family.

If you are interested feel free to reach out on discord (IgH) or line (igh13).

I’ve been in discussions with Dayman. Thanks for reaching out.

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Do you use Line or Discord to communicate outside of the game?

Cheers, he informed me of the same and I heard discussions went well.

All the best with whatever you choose, and I’m sure you will know what is best for your crew :wink:


But of course we are looking forward to seeing you if you do come over!

We have 10 spots here for you guys. We try to pass over the 9* titan barrier. Family and friendly alliance from Europe and US

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