Looking to join top 50-75 English speaking alliance. Level 98 with 85 max 5* heroes

I have been in my current alliance for 3 years. I am looking for a short term switch.

My current alliance hovers around 100-200. I like it here, but maybe 1/3 of our members don’t have the inclination or team power to try hard for Mythic Titan or Alliance events so we always just barely end up top 1000.

I would like to join a more competitive alliance short term to see what it’s like. I can’t promise I will stay permanently but I will stay for a couple of war chests and 1-2 cycles of Mythic Titan and Clash of Knights. At that point I will evaluate and decide whether to stay or return to my more casual alliance.

My stats:
Level 98
85 max 5* heroes
Roughly 30/25/23/11/11 troops of all colors. 2 of the colors have 18 or 19 instead of 23 as the 3rd troop. I run mono so I am 5 troops deep.
In 3.5 years of play, I have never missed a single war flag. I average 4.9 one shots per war for the last 67 wars since I started keeping track but I would expect that number to drop at a higher level of competitiveness.
I am very active and follow all alliance rules at all times.

Let me know if there is any interest.

You might be comfortable with @Mistress_of_Shadows or @Macaque1902 or with
These are the more competitive alliances I see the most often.

Or if your really looking for competitive try @littleKAF and the 7days family

Good luck!!!


Ty for the shout out @L33tVortex12596 in the shops we basically try to stay sober enough to hit Titans and War the competition left us a long time ago LOL we just have fun. The offer is there but it’s more like a social club than anything. Hate false advertising, we’re rude crude and obnoxious and all of us are two steps away from retiring but have too much invested literally and figuratively LOL but Chaining 14 stars for the last 3 years and we are one of the last original houses after 5 years. So if you want to come over and join One Stop Titan Shop let us know…


Does One Stop Titan attempt to get top 100 in MT and CoK? I guess that’s my biggest requirement that all 30 members of the alliance are all focused on the same team goal at all times. For these events, if even a couple of people don’t participate, everyone loses motivation and just coasts along.

Nope… we just play and try to beat our own personal bests and compete each other. Not worth all the crafts and crap in our opinion. We’ve been up there and done all that. We were all Whales, now just older and drunker :wine_glass: good luck on finding your home my friend there are plenty of great options.

Top 100 :thinking:

Let me tag a few who might be able to help / accommodate you…

@ChelleATC @Beezzer

I think each also has a separate ad in Alliance Recruitment too. GL in your search.


Even the Top 100 can be challenged with recruiting, so I’m sure you’ll find a suitable fit. Here’s the list of alliances that I have ranked between 45 and 80, with the English speaking ones marked.

If you need contacts for any of those alliances, or want me to spread the word to them, just reach out to me on Line (beezzerpw). Also, there may be a few alliances at that level which currently aren’t ranked.

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You can contact Kronos, the leader of Seven Days Uprising on line using his id kronos_niks .

7DU is a top100 alliance, actually place 38. We were top100 in the last 4 or 5 consecutive MTs. In CoK we complete all stages, but dont try for top100, the better loot is not worth the items. We usually end in the 200-600 area.
We are chaining 14* titans. At the moment we are full but we have a waitlist, kronos knows if and when there are new openings. He can also recommend you to one of the other five Seven Days alliances.

Happy gaming


@Beezzer I tried adding you on Line, but it says user not found. Do I have the spelling right?


Yes, that’s correct. Somehow I had the search function turned off. Try again.

We may soon have a spot up in King of the North. We are always up for top 100 MT and have been playing in top 100 wars for years.
Last time we decided to not compete for top 100 in alliance quest, as it is for many, becoming to time and ressource consuming, when taking average scores around 2M. Many alliances are created/brought together only for top competing in that event.
We may get back to it, but otherwise we help members being up for top competing, find a temp spot in top 100 during the event. We had a good time just all completing and finishing in top 200 alliance wise.
Our sister alliance Wolves of the North are competing in Clash of Knights.
Feel free to reach out for a chat in Line: Julia-north

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Phoenix Empire and crew saders both compete for top 100 in mythic Titan and alliance quest. Can personally recommend both of these groups.

I also enjoyed my time at king of the north, and Julia is very good about working with all players to find the best alliance fit within the family.