Looking to join an alliance

Looking for any decent alliances with 300 000+ alliance points
Semi-competitive to competitive…no casual
I played Nov.2017-Nov.2018 and started again in Feb.2022 till now
VERY dedicated and don’t miss hits
4900+ raid defense although my troops are just average level
I’m quite talkative, especially when in a good mood
Love strategy and working on improving raid teams, war teams etc.
Can hang with 14* Titans as I was doing in my last group…always 100K min damage up to 300k dmg
Looking to move after this war is done, I am currently in my own private alliance
I have Line and have used it very extensively in 2018…was on all the main channels
Level 55 account, but I level up faster than average as I’m on most of the time
Holding 2500-2750 cups


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Welcome back :slight_smile: … I’m not sure we fit the competitive levels your looking for atm but your more than welcome to come visit and see if there’s a fit for you @ Dragon Cohort TMA. Very active alliance.

Best wishes wherever you land!

Thanks. I’ll keep it in mind till after this war. I see you’re at 15/30 altho 169k alliance points is good for that amount.

@Sarah2 @Luna
I like recruiting :joy:


BoTS looks like it could be a good fit!

Contact our leader on line if you’re interested
Line ID: earlverdant

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Yes…sounds like you would be a good fit for us.

He already found me on Line :rofl:

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Thanks for the tag @Steve9999 , although it sounds like @orf8 has found a new home :thinking:.

TBD Part Deux aren’t specifically competitive, we just use all war flags, if opted in and we’re chaining 12* titans… Yes we could chain 14*, but giving safe passage to higher titans gives rest for the weary (saves mats from building lots of battle items needed) and others mercing opportunities, just in case we’re short on food - for me that’s often lol.

We’re also very talkative. Being international we always have players on (handy as I’m always mercing lol), and with a good mix of p2p, c2p and f2p players… Team advice, sharing an opinion or five, or just an ear to shoot the breeze with … Then TBD could be “your” place :wink:.

If things don’t work out, get in touch… Although with just space for one, we might be full. GL


Altho BOTS looks like a great alliance I’ll decide once done war. Till then I’ll check out who replies here. I try to be fair and not just jump into the first thing I see cause it wastes people’s time if it’s not the right fit.


Fair call :wink:.
GL in your decision making.

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Yesssssssss :joy:

As Sarah said


Good luck in your search

Hope you find a nice home :turtle:


Hey there! Crew-Jesters has a couple available spots. We are a top 200 alliance , killing 14* titans, we have a flexible war strategy, we claim top 1k rewards in mythic titans and alliance quest (usually around 300th spot) with a drama free environment and many knowledgeable members. We use line for better organisation. If you are interested my line id is kloster31 and i would be happy to see you there and learn each other better. Have fun and good luck!

Join Guardians Ascending, when we’re full we take down 14s and we’re very dedicated to alliance war.

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Your alliance is full and looks like it has been for at least two weeks.

Agree, another plug for Guardians Ascending, come check us out!

Allow me to send you an invite.

Just hit that link and it will bring you to our welcome page.
We use all our flags in war and are stringing 14 star titans.
We also have a large library that you can use even if you decide not to join us.

Our members who want to retire are waiting for their replacements before they leave so the team don’t leave with less people.

If you wsnt honokay really competitive entef the Seven Days family.

Seven Days Uprising has one opening.
We chain 14* titans, are top100 when full and are in the top100 in MT as well.

If you fulfill the criteria above or you are near fulfillment, contact our leader Kronos via Line. His ID is kronos_niks.

Happy gaming

Have a spot open at this point in time …

:star:Apex-Predators :star:

killing every 14* Titan… have bit of laid back approach have a few rules…
hit titan… use all war flags if your in war… war tank same colour… boot it really…

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Joining Brothers of the Sword to check it out atm. I’ll keep the others in mind. Don’t have Discord and don’t plan to use it.

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