Looking to join a stable, smaller alliance?

We’re Misfits Unleashed, an alliance that formed 284 days ago and currently has ten members. One joined 36 days ago but the core 9 average 246 days with MU. We currently knock off 5* titans quickly but struggle with 6*. That’s pretty good considering we’re only 10 members. Imagine how well we can do if you join us!

We require 800 cups and we use the Line app to keep up with events. We almost always hit titans daily and participate in wars, but we do understand that life sometimes interferes with the game. We’re mostly US based but do have a few international players.

I do have to point out that while our membership is stable, the individual members may not be. Several players have been in other alliances and didn’t like the rules or atmosphere and formed MU so we tend to be a bit less strict than some others.

We are invite only, so I guess the best way to get invited is to Line app Misty73, our fearless leader. Ha, I’ve never tried recruiting before so hopefully I got it right. Thanks for reading and any comments.

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