Looking to join a new team

Check us out in Vikings Ascended.:slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks for all the offers. I found a place. Thanks again and happy holidays! Stay safe


So… Assuming you’ve found your forever home @Terpgrad06, I’ll tag our friendly @moderators to close your thread. Otherwise you’ll continue to be inundated with offers from hopeful recruiters.



Good to know @zephyr1.


Hi @Terpgrad06, have you found your new home already? If not, come check us out. We are a growing, competitive team, and have room for another who can handle the witches’ abuse :smiley:

You would fit right in with The Marley Army…13 members your level or higher! Total members 23. We play for fun…have members in your area! We are competitive but not obsessive. Leader laid back, simple rules! Chat friendly and active. Come check us out., would love to have you!

do you happen to use Line? :thinking:

Check us our at Purple Phoenix Alliance. We’re relatively new, but very active and always looking for new members to help us grow.

According to this, it looks like it’s time for a :lock:


Just a heads up, that doesn’t actually notify us.

Please use a flag.



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