Looking to join a new alliance!


Nice! I will check you guys out. And yeah I just landed him a few days ago at the last Atlantis! Now Triton is the only 4 star Atlantis hero I don’t have I think ha. But yeah I’m stoked I just have to finish rigard the last few levels and get sartana to 3/70 and then Ill focus on him :slight_smile: Kiril is another one I’m excited about but all my feeders are going to Frida for now

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Thanks for the advice and the good vibes! :v:


Fluffy Bunny Fun Club may suit your level nicely. We’re fighting in the 5*-7* range. We could use one more team to get us consistently at 7*. Good core group of chatters/characters.


Krypto-Knights is looking for a few members. We are 26/30 members and every single one is friendly and active every day, fighting 7 and 8 star titans.


Hey @Orangina (cool name by the way)
If you are looking for a new alliance check out The Annual Purge, we are seeking an enthusiastic player with TP 3200, 1300 Trophies minimum and WhatsApp to join our happy team.

•	Established Alliance with a wide range of knowledge
•	Friendly members who work closely as a team
•	English Speaking group with members all over the world.
•	Active Daily Players who are currently taking out 9* Titan and flirting with 10*
•	Use all 6 flags in war and fight titans daily
•	Real life happens outside of the game so just let us know if you may be inactive for any reason, inactive players without any notification will be removed. 
•	We use WhatsApp to communicate, it’s easy to download if you haven’t already got it. 
•	We will not use Mercs

We would love to have you onboard.


@Orangina come have a look at Man Go Loco we are a cool and chilled bunch of ppl from all over and there is no pressure.


Hey, @Orangina, just curious, have you found a home yet?


Hi if your still looking for a home we are building a good group. We are fighting 7* titans and killing them regularly. Like your rostet of heroes very much. No drama, just good times helping each other out. We are the Titan Killers GB


@Orangina we’d welcome you at 7 Tattooed Cupcakes if you haven’t found a home yet.

We’re a newbie alliance with a mix of experienced & learning players. Looking for experienced, adult, daily players to join our international group. Chat encouraged but not required. Fighting 7* Titans.

Required: 2000+ cups (negotiable) and 30+ heroes for war.

Alliance expectations:

• read and follow the Featured Message instructions

• Min.3 Titan hits in the first 10hrs after it spawns

• use all war flags according to strategy

• give full effort on Titans and War

• continue to learn & grow as a player

• don’t be a jerk

If this sounds like the right fit for you, send a join request today!


Thanks everyone for all the responses! I feel so welcomed :slight_smile: however I have decided to take a brief brake from being in an alliance for now to work on leveling my heroes. I will revisit this thread when I return! :v:


I realize your post is a few days old and I’m sure people have already tried to recruit you but if you still haven’t found an alliance, please check us out: The Return of the King. We have 100% war and Titan participation. We are not a hard core alliance. We play but we understand that we all have lives outside the game too. My line ID is msduckychick if you’re interested in checking us out. Have a good evening!


Check us out: …AND FREEDOM RAINS! we are 24 at the moment and we’d like to have you with us.


@Orangina if you havent found an alliance yet, come check out the Flyint Hellfish. We are an active and supportive bunch who are hungry to grow. We hit 9* and 10* titans regularly and use war startegy. Check out our scores below.

You can also drop me a LINE msg - ID: kira981112


Come give Muay Titan a try. We are an active global midlevel Alliance with 7-8*Titans and near 100% participation. No drama allowed! Having fun is a must.


@Orangina If you are still without an alliance, consider our alliances Down the Rabbit Hole… and The Cheshire Cat:

Down the rabbit hole.../The Cheshire Cat are both recruiting