Looking to de-stress your game experience? Anti-Heroes has 4 spots open for some laid-back peeps

Let’s face it: this game is a rat race, and the rats always win. So why stress out over it? In Anti-Heroes, we don’t chase top 100 status or 14* titans. Hell, sometimes we don’t even get out of bed in the morning. We’d love to offer a forever home to experienced players who are looking to escape demanding, potentially abusive, high-stress alliances.

We’re a fun bunch of English-speaking members from around the world who enjoy the game, but aren’t on 24/7. We won’t yell at you if you have a bad war or miss a titan because you decided to have a life for a day. We won’t pressure you to buy gems or use every last drop of world energy. There will always be a harder war opponent and a tougher titan at some point, so why stress out over it?

We have a Discord channel that’s hardly used, we do the bare minimum for organizing wars (because what’s the point, really?), and we’re essentially just here to have fun. All we ask is that you hit titans once in a while and show up for wars if you opt in. Standard stuff, really - almost too boring to mention.

Because in the end, no matter how much effort you put in, you’re just gonna get another Carver.

Anti-Heroes - we like beers :beers:, not tears :sob:. Join us and have fun! Because life’s too short to stress out over a game.


Ok… this name grabbed my attention. Very clever. : )

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For anyone who got yelled at by their alliance leaders for turning in a poor war performance: Anti-Heroes still has 4 slots open.

We know everyone can have a bad day.

Get out of the rat race and join us for a fun, laid-back gaming experience. BYOB!

A couple of our members have left the game due to all the shenanigans (thanks, SG), so we now have 6 spots to offer to cool people looking for a laid back, but still (mostly) very active alliance.

We’re 4-2 on our last six wars.

We’re not quite at 10* titans yet, but we could get there with your help.

If you’re looking for a change of pace or just a change of scenery, check out Anti-Heroes.

Despite our near non-existent war coordination, we’ve won two of our last three wars and are killing 8 and 9* titans. If you’re an advanced player who’s looking to get out of a high-pressure alliance, where the bosses yell at you no matter how hard you try, consider joining Anti-Heroes.

We’d love to give you a relaxed, stress-free forever home.

Get all the camaraderie with none of the stress. Don’t let the rats win.

We’ve had a couple of departures - people who decided to move on from the game altogether - and a couple of new additions, which means we still have four open slots.

If you’re looking to join a low-stress alliance with laid back peeps who play the game regularly (most of us daily), but don’t obsess about it, we could be the perfect team for you. We won’t chase you to buy gems or force you to have a certain tank. We won’t demote or kick you if you have a bad war or take a week off the game to have a life.

Don’t be a hero - be an Anti-Hero!

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