Looking to chill but still orginized alliance

Hi all!

Looking to chill in a good environment but, yet, orginized alliance.

Small Titans- up to 9*
No titan hunters or flasks to be used on regular titans. Please make the call at 11:00 at the latest.

War coordinated tanks - no flags left

Dont mind on events, mythic titans or alliance quests.

Im level 83 and well experieced from the game. But less time and money to spend on it.

I do not want family alliances.

If this matches what you are looking for, please drop me a msg in line.

Lineid: tigre_14

Looking to chill in a healthy environment.

Love, Mamba :heart:


you might give it a try in global ingame AR chat
but expect your expectations to be deceived, many times, and hopefully you will find, eventually, what you want

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Komm zu uns inZu uncool für Parship?
Zu alt für Lovely ?
Zu dumm für Twitter?
Zu arm für Elitepartner?
Werde ein Mitglied bei “Fröhliche Chaoten”

AR in chat, makes me dizzy. :)))


I can speak english, and Im brazilian. So portuguese and Englsh are fine.
Other then that, can’t be participative in chats.

Sounds like heaven lol
Let us know which alliance you find that matches your needs
Good luck


Forsaken Ones it is in reorganization now and we looking such players like you! Come and check us

Thank you!
Will have a look at it.

War today so might make the decision tomorrow.


I’ve just pinged you on Line. Cheers

Tuck the Fitans. Many of us are just like you, experienced players that now spend less and are not so competitive. We are more 10* titans as the alliance isn’t as full as it used to be. Pretty chill solid group though. Come give us a try!

Hi if your willing to compromise a little bit…we are an active, no stress, coordinated tank/flank all flag, 12* cap titan, friendly line optional, alliance who would welcome a visit from you.
Best of luck…
Dragon Cohort TMA

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Join us we are a relaxed drama free alliance that would welcome you!

Komm zu Fröhliche Chaoten

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Kom ons praat verseker

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Did you find a nice organised alliance that met your needs.
Looking for something myself ….
Want something nice and relaxed …
Don’t want the churn of heavy Titan … (so upto 9 or 10*)…
Do want an alliance that uses all war flags …
Do like colour coordinated war tanks …
Do want players to get involved in the alliance events …
Do like comms in chat …
Ok with comms in Line or Discord …

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You are welcome to visit at the Dragon Cohort TMA if you like see if its comfortable enough to stay… almost everything you asked for but we do 10/11* titans comfortably (no excessive item usages or score requirements)


I’m in dragon cohort too. Like Vortex said, it meets all your requirements except that we do face bigger titans. There is no pressure to use items or have minimum scores though. Just hit the titan with the flags you have. Come check us out


Another member of Dragon Cohort TMA who will put in a good word. A fun and funny group who are also very serious when it comes to using all flags. Some chat a little, some chat a lot, some hardly ever say a word. But everyone respects the common goal of enjoying our spare moments to play this game.

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Thank you everyone in this post!
It took me a while but have found a nice new place.

Cheers and have fun, everyone!!


So where did you end up? Which alliance?