Looking to build a defense with this roster

Hi y’all, I’m looking for some assistance. Need to build a defensive team with this roster. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :two_hearts:

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Silvaria - Wolfgang - Agrafena - Snow White - Lewena

Even if it’ll take a while. Snow White can even help Wolfgang healing the team by removing his status effect.

Original Snow or costume ?

Costume is better, by a long shot.

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Fyi - In this case, Wolfgang wouldn’t heal at all…he does not heal if his buff is removed, only after the full 4 turns has ended :nerd_face:

Wolfgang and Lewena are major standouts for your defence team and highly recommend useage! You have some great heros in there! Nice!

Oh snap, you are right! In this case he should be inverted with Snow White in the formation.

I would toy around with Wolfgang, Krampus, Lewena, Slyvaria and a strong purple, either Thoth-Amun or Agrafena.

Nobody seems to have any love for the director?

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Using a 2 tank 3 back setup I would run:

Snow White/Tiburtus/Vanda - Director Zuri(or Wolfgang) - Agrafena - Krampus - Lewena