Looking & Line


Hi there. Line ID is bertdogg. Requesting to be addressed to popular/info groups as well. Cheers!


Done. :slight_smile:


Hi there line id= jrigs

New to all this stuff. Yesterday was my first day. Please help


my line id is empire_of_alasdair. Please add me to the most popular/info groups as well. Thank you. :blush::+1:
Have a nice day.


Guess I started a trend :smiley:


We use discord for our chat. East of the equator is our alliance, we ate an international alliance with people from all over the globe. We have an extensive library on tips on how to play the game in our files you can read even without joining us. Just ask. Currently fighting 10 star titans. Come check us out first. Just download discord and look up our alliance on forum. Instructions are on there what to do next.


You ate an entire alliance? That might be illegal…



Lies get you no where my friend! :grin:


could you add me as well please id is finjitsu


Lol well it was worth a shot


Can you add me in some of the line rooms? Xoxo.
Id: dr.frankenstein.s


Add me too please? I’m fairly new (2 months) and want to get plugged in :slight_smile:
Thank you!!!



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