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Well, hello from Germany to Germany!
I would be happy if you contact me on line:

Very best regards and happy gaming


Hi, @AnjaValkyrie

“I would be happy if you contact me on line:

I need to get Line first. Might be a day or two, cause right now the flu and I share a bed. And I have a bit of security-issues with apps, so want to read first before using one.

many regards back to you


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Get well soon, dear!
And Line is nice. It is a chat app like Whatsapp - but it goes by Line id, so you do not have to give your mobile phone number to people whom you do not know in person.

I installed Line when I started playing EP.
Our alliance has three groups in Line for titan, tutoring and general chat.

It is also great for contacts and networking.

The game is very nice. Alliance chat is very nice. However, there is no PN function. So if you want to talk one one one - or stay in contact with former alliance buddies - you need a chat app.

This forum is very nice. With very many great and helpful people. However, there is no PN function. So if you want to talk one one one - you need a chat app.


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I can move this to a new thread about Line if you like… :wink: (Our entire alliance uses it.)

Let’s keep this one open for player introductions. :slight_smile:



Thank you, that is a good idea!

If you play this game, want to have contacts or keep in contact with players, send them links -e.g. to a subject on this forum - , post information, screenshots etc. , you absolutely need Line. Without a chat app, you’re up the creek without a paddle.

moved :wink: :wink: :wink:

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Where do I get the line app from or where can I download it? Thanks.

I got Line app from the App Store:


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Looking to find more groups to join on the line app

You can add me @ Deejayquixo on Line.

I am the leader of the Helios Turtle Farm (training alliance for Helios) and I like to help out if anyone has questions.

You can add me: chibipotato16

Let me know what kind of group you are looking for when you buzz me there. :slight_smile:

Mind if I add you too? :slight_smile:

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Sure! I may take a bit to reply during weekdays now, but I’ll get back to you! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Am looking for line groups myself.

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You can add me: azurediver
Looking forward to meeting you.

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Thanks everyone add me: desertrose87

We have similar issues but I have been weeding them out over the past week or two! I changed the alliance description and basically if they don’t hit the Titan or they are inactive without warning for more than a couple days and also people setting up their defense team for Alliance War but then never participating. I’m cracking down hard because these are very simple basic rules and we are now down to 24 out of 30 members. I feel your pain in other words

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Hei. My line id is boolz_san. If you can pls add me in the most popular/info groups when you have the time. Ty :slight_smile:

Done. :slight_smile:

See PM in Line.

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