Looking for your advice! Which 5* blue and 5* red to upgrade =)

Hello everyone!
I’m a new member in the forum but I have been playing since Feb 2018 and have been using the forum for the last 5-6 months. It has definitely help me specially for ascension tips and to finish monthly events.

This is my first post as I’m looking for your knowledge to help me make a choice. As the title explains, I finally can upgrade one 5* blue and one 5* red hero. This is my roster (all heroes maxed up unless I specifically write the hero level):

4 stars
BLUE: Grimm, Kiril, Sonya (3/60), 2nd Grimm (3/60)
RED: BT, Colen, Scarlett, Gormek (3/60), Kelile (3/60)
GREEN: Caedmon, LJ, Melendor, 2nd LJ (3/60), 2nd Mel (3/60)
PURPLE: Rigard, Sabina, Tibs, Gafar (3/60), Cyprian (3/60), 2nd Rigard (3/60)
YELLOW: Jackal, Wu, Chao, Li Xiu (3/60), 2nd Chao (3/60)

5 stars
BLUE: Magni (3/70), Isarnia (1/1), Aegir (2/60)
RED: Zim (1/1), Marjana (1/1), Elena (1/1)
PURPLE: Sartana, Domitia (1/1)
YELLOW: Joon, Justice (1/1), G. Owl (1/1)

As you can see I only have 2 5* heroes maxed with Sartana and Joon.
I have 11 rings + 13 blades and 6 scopes + 12 capes. My main priority are events and Titans.

I was thinking either go with (A) Isarnia & Marjana or (B) with Magni & Zim.
I was also considering leveling up Sonya to 4/70 as it will take me a while to get another 6 scopes.

Any piece of advice will be appreciated =)

I think you should go with your (A) option or upgrade Isarnia and Zim, in my opinion fast disspel status is really good

I like Isarnia and Zim. You’ve got a lot of snipers and fast hitters already. While Magni is great, you’ve already got some that hold that role. Isarnia is a monster when combined with them. Same thing with Marjana. Zim has more of a support purpose with your team versus another sniper.

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Most likely I would start working with Isarnia because I already have 2 top snipers as was mentioned. For the red 5* I still have some doubts… Maybe I could raise both to 2/60 and then decide.

More opinions are welcomed

Nice roster. Option B.

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For blue, the thing I like most about Magni is the fact that he buffs defense, so he’s a little different from all of the other regular 5* snipers. Even so, I’m leaning toward Isarnia mostly because you don’t have Wilbur. Her defense down is one of the best in the game, right behind Athena and Wilbur, and that will help you out tremendously with titans. If you had either Athena or Wilbur, I’d go Magni first, then Isarnia, but as it stands now Isa.

As for red, you have Rigard leveled but Zimkitha would be a better cleanser, so I’d go her if you find yourself needing one often. Plus, Marjana is very similar to the other snipers, and I’d rather go for some diversity first. Zim’s buff and heal isn’t as great as BT, so maybe not as great for titans as the tusk, but the fast cleanse will be handy for PvP.


Isarnia and Zim will fit better with your two current 5*

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Magni and Sartana. Nothing to do with def buff or DOT, but all about tile damage.

In raids and AW, we are going to see more heroes like Zim with fast/very fast specials which include dispells. There will be debuffers, too. This means any buff or status ailment will not last long. It looks like a return to fast snipers with big initial damage on top of a big attack stats.

My two cents on where we are headed.

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