Looking for TWO! 4900+ TP/ 23+ mana Troops / Chaining 14* Titans

Looking for two after war! Come jump aboard who’s going aboard! Line me if you have any questions!

Bumping the ad - come check us out!

Elves ad

Need one! Have been hitting top 100 lately, made it as far as 58! Join and help us go further!

Hi, is it only one space you have? Myself and a friend are dissatisfied with people missing war flags and not hitting titans in our current alliance

I can make room for two if you are interested. Feel free to line me with details. I’m easy to get along with, but leaving flags behind on the field is a no no.

Just bumping the ad!

Enjoyed our 15 mins of fame for the first time by breaking into the top 50 with our awesome and dedicated members! Hoping to visit more often :wink:

Waiting List is open, just send a msg to my line ID Toya_76

Looking for two new folks to be part of the Implosion. We’ll need one today (SPOT ALREADY FILLED!!) and one more tomorrow. We have had TWO (NOW THREE) - 15 minutes of fame dropping under top 50! Come see what we are all about and achieve number THREE (FOUR) together!

We are now full - big shout out to the two newest members that jumped aboard!

If you’d like to be apart, line me at Toya_76

Looking for one who enjoys wars and loves to beat up on titans. Is that you? Then come, join, laugh, and war with us!

Elves ad

Bumping the ad…

We are full, but always feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Line ID Toya_76

Looking for that one perfect fit, is it you? Come on in and find your seat! Just collected war chest!

Bumping the ad…

Looking for two new teammate! Red tanks are next for, this war rotation. If you met the requirements above please stop by and check us out!

Bumping the ad.

Looking for Two! See details above ^ If you like what you see, join today!

Bump, bump, bump…

Still need two! Have any questions, line me @ toya_76

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Come and join before war. Looking for two, possibly three to take your place inside of the Implosion! If you met the requirements above, then come check us out!

Looking for two members to join our team! We’d love members who love to beat up on titans and war opponents as much as we do :slight_smile: Come drop by and give us a chance if you have what it takes!

Looking for TWO! Bouncing in and out of Top 100, but can you help seal the deal? If you can, then come join the team! Currently using red tanks for this war rotation.

Bumping ad before war! Come join an awesome team! We look forward to meeting you!

Elves ad

Bumping ad…still need two teammates! Jump in before matchmaking starts!

Bumping ad! Looking for two active folks to join!