Looking for Tome of Tactics

I literally need to know what happened to receiving Tomes in chests. I haven’t received one in over 6 months. If it wasn’t for Farholme II or buying one with gems, if the opportunity comes up I’d never get a 5* past 3/70. Has the game really gotten this bad. The elemental chests are rediculous. Are they trying to get rid of us or what ???

We all know that unfarmable ascension mats only gets dropped from regular chests at a very low odds, much more so if it is a very specific epic ascension material such as the tome of tactics. You may also get them from other sources other than from the Farholme Pass quest. Here are some of the players who have obtained the tome:

And a ton more of them. Those posts are not even a month old, some getting the tome of tactics repeatedly within 30 days. And it also does not include those obtained from Mystic Vision and other sources. So, they are available and dropped from various sources.

The question is, how often do you open your chests? Of course, with the dismal odds, but the more you open them, the more chance getting unfarmable ascension mats.


I believe that, with the frustration at the greed of SG/Zynga/devs/whoever, there are more and more people bailing from this game right now–with other games capitalizing on the errors of this game. People see that drop rates are ridiculously low and that $30 or even $100 offers are the only way to keep up with mats. If it weren’t for events (PoV, Marlovia, etc) offering mats, this game would have been abandoned.

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I feel your pain because I have no D.Blades at all. My last was from the event yesterday(?).
And I have over 20 x 5* waiting to max.
It’s a bit of a false economy from SG because now it’s pointless me spending any money on pulls for a “new” shiny hero to sit on the bench waiting, waiting waiting lol.


That’s more or less where I am. I’ve been leveling my 3s and 4s because it’s more fruitful than just adding more 5s to 3/70 limbo. At least the smaller heroes I can turn around and use.

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